FAQ – HEAD reveals a new model of corporate carbon responsibility with COOL EARTHWhat does the cooperation entail?HEAD will be securing in partnership with Cool Earth to protect 7.030 acres of highly endangered rainforest equivalent to ten times its annual emissions.

Does this mean HEAD is fully offsetting its carbon footprints?Offsetting is not enough. As well as working to minimize our emissions, in partnership with Cool Earth, HEAD is protecting ten times its footprint. By investing in the protection of 7.030 acres/28 km2 (per year) of endangered rainforest HEAD is supercharging its carbon responsibility. This is equivalent to over 1.800.000 tonnes of CO2.

Which rainforest is HEAD protecting?Cool Earth operates throughout the world working with Rainforest Nations globally.For this collaboration with HEAD it is protecting in danger rainforest in South-America.

What size is HEADs forest protected:1 acre = ca. 1 American Football Field
7.030 acres equal approx. 7.030 American Football Fields
7.030 acres equal approx. 106.515 Tennis Courts
7.030 acres equal approx. 3.652 FIFA Soccer Fields
7.030 acrres equal approx. 11 times the size of London city or 1/3 of the size of Paris

When did the partnership begin?The initative was announced in August 2007 and the rainforest protected in Fall 2007.