Customer Service

General notesDefective products are under warranty coverage, except:

Defectives due to overuse (intensive/exceptional wear), mischievous damage, modification/change of the product, improper maintenance, disrespect of product information, improper mounting of several components (e.g. binding to ski) and also accidents or crashes may lead to product damage not covered by the warranty.2nd hand goodsWear and tear parts
Warranty procedureConsumers claiming a defective product need to submit the warranty claim to the shop the product was purchased in the first instance, or if that retailer is no longer trading or is in a different country then to any of HEAD /TYROLIA’s official warranty centres (published on HEAD’s website: all Head affiliates + Head distributors), irrespectively of where the product has been purchased.

Warranty claims submitted to any other HEAD / TYROLIA location than listed above are not accepted and will be returned to the sender.

Warranty claims are always to be turned in together with a copy of the proof of purchase. In case of unavailability of the proof of purchase, the warranty claim shall generally only be accepted if the 1st launch of the claimed product in the respective country dates no longer than 12 months unless differently specified.

HEAD / TYROLIA reserves the right to replace the claimed product with a similar good of comparable value in case of unavailability of the defective product.

Warranty periodsProducts are covered under warranty subject to and in accordance with local laws and/or particularities or as specified.

Official warranty centers