Structure of Shareholders

Acceptances for Unconditional Offer as of March 17, 2015 to buy back Shares:

The Company has received 973,903 numbers of acceptances.

Share Ownership

The share capital of Head NV can be analysed as follows:

Filing EntitiesNoteNumber%
ECJ Foundation(1)61,089,24366.28%
Other Shareholders1,745,9641.89%
Treasury Shares
Head NV(2)29,079,54931.55%

(1) Head Sports Holdings NV and its affiliates (including ECJ Foundation), directly and indirectly control in aggregate 61,089,243 shares in Head NV. Head Sports Holdings NV and its shareholders are controlled by Mr. Johan Eliasch, the Company's Chairman and CEO, and his family members.

(2) Head NV holds 29,079,549 shares in treasury.

(3) The Stichting is a Dutch foundation affiliated with Head NV. The shares are held in treasury.