Jon Olsson World Champion in Superpipe

March 14th, 2005

"This is nice, I have had a lot of third-place finishes this year," said Olsson, who picked up his first gold in the United States in two years. "I love this pipe. It's not too [dangerous] and that keeps it fun."
The rest of the field was relegated to battle for second place after the Swede's near flawless run. And emerging from out of nowhere to claim his highest finish of the season was Park City's Stefan Thomas. Thomas, who has not been competing that much this year, said he felt comfortable being on the Eagle superpipe. He came through on his third, and final, run
by upping his amplitude and throwing together the difficult back-to-back 720s after completing two 540s at the top of the pipe. His score off 85 cemented his second-place finish over Andrew Woods of Vermont, Sean Field of Tahoe, Calif., and John Spriggs, who all tied with an 83.3 score.