A day with women team member Eveline Stremitzer

March 28th, 2006

1. What does a day of training entail for you?

An easy/relaxed start in the morning would be when I am in the cable car chatting with people before I hit the slope for an easy warm up. Depending on the group I am skiing with, I prepare for the gates or for the powder. Balanced nutrition and the composition of the food play a very important role for me. After skiing, I am either actively relaxing in the sauna, jogging, or I go for some climbing to round the day off.

2. How many hours do you train during the season? Off season?

In summer I am training approximately 10 to 15 hours a week for the “XTerra” Triathlon (Off-road Triathlon: Swimming 1, 5 km, Mountain biking 40km, and Cross-Running for 10km). In autumn, I additionally start with weight training to gain the necessary power for skiing. In the season I do about 2 hours a day of ski-specific training.

3. Do you have a strict diet on and off season? What does a meal consist for you?

As I said, nutrition has to be balanced, which means that I pay attention to meals that contain approximately 40% carbohydrates, 30 % proteins, and 30% fat. Girls tend to eat too many carbohydrates and not enough proteins, which are necessary if you are involved in such a power intensive sport. Furthermore, liquids, minerals and vitamins, are essential for my performance on the mountain.

4. Does your lifestyle change a lot from on to off season?
No, not at all. It’s a question of attitude and as I love training and being in shape, I invest my energy in the Triathlon.

5. What would you say is the best thing about being a skier?

As I am not a professional skier in the common sense, but a ski-coach, I have to say that I enjoy every minute on the snow when I teach skiers and I when can feel that they are having a great time!

6. Where is the best place you have travelled to, because skiing has brought you to this place?

Western Canada. It was my first heli-skiing trip and I will never forget the impressive landscape close to the Alaskan boarder.

7. Since you are in the public eye and you have the ability to influence people, what would you like to project as a skier?

Skiing is passion, flow and gives me a lot of confidence in all situations; it simply makes me happy! I want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience the same flow as me. I want my environment to feel this excitement!

8. If you were not a skier, what would you do? What would be another dream “job” for you?

Sorry but it is difficult to talk about a different dream job if this is already your dream! As I was a full-time worker in an office after my studies in business administration, I know what it means to think about “my dream” and at the moment, I am living my dream!

9. What is the most touching moment that has happened to you, so far in your life?

My thirteenth birthday, when my best friends and my parents came together to the Stubai-valley. My father and my mother did the best speech I’ve ever heard and we had a great evening.

10. Tell me a funny story that has happened to you while travelling or at home for example?

My sister once wanted to help a friend who runs a farm. Therefore we had all different kind of animals running around in our apartment in Vienna. We also had a duck in our bathroom and as I felt sorry for the duck I thought it would be nicer for her to have some fresh air on the balcony – of course – she could fly!!! So my brother and I had to run around in the city and ask passers by: “Did you see a duck?” We finally found her and I couldn’t stop laughing; when I watched my brother catching the duck!

11. Tell me a joke that you would tell your friends?

German joke:
Frage: Was für eine Zeit ist: Ich bin geboren worden?
Antwort: Präservativ Defekt!