Anders Backe - Orage European Freeski Open 2008

March 17th, 2008

Last week the biggest European competition in Freeskiing was held in Switzerland. Athletes from all over the word headed to Laax to compete at the Orage European Freeski Open in both disciplines, Slopestyle and Halfpipe. After a high level qualification on Wednesday and Thursday only the very best riders were chosen by the judges to show their skills in the finals.

Mike Riddle from Canada ruled the Halfpipe competition, throwing some huge back to back 540 double grabs and a pretty impressive 1260 at the end of his run. Xavier Betoni came in 2nd place and Justin Dory came in 3rd. Our HEAD team member Sbrava Guillaume also made it into the finals and ended up in 10th place. Congratulations!

In Slopestyle it seemed to be even more difficult for the judges to choose a winner, as nearly every rider was showing tricks spinning both ways, back to back 10s and 12s.
Russ Henshaw won the competition with the best run of the day in front of Charles Gagnier and Phil Casabon.

HEAD team rider Anders Backe from Norway impressed the jury with his super stylish rightside 720 Octograbs and his massive 9 on the last kicker. Finally Anders got in 4th place being the best European competitor in Slopestyle and proved one more time that he is one of the most talented young riders at the moment. Congrats, Anders!