The X-Stream: performance, comfort and lightweight

August 1st, 2011

Two Mares fins: the Volo Power is still strong and the next gen X-Stream is high tech!

A nice article about our X-Stream Fins on Scuba Gadget presents this high tech product ...
Here below just a preview of some quotes on the X-Stream Fins from the testers... (see

"It was nice to be able to firmly grasp them both with one hand while trying to fight the tides getting out of the water on a really rocky exit. I was looking specifically for a lighter less bulky fin for use when travelling but still met the demands of various ocean conditions. So far I am happy with them. (Piccola ScubaBoard)
Find them a lot easier and faster to catch up to other divers if finning slowly on them . Saw 2 divers racing each other one with volos and the other with the x-streams . Out come x-streams won by a long shot . Well done to Mares on making a nice light weight fin that are good for travelin and supper fast in the water (chrisgp007 – ScubaBoard)
I actually like them a lot better. They did not hurt my knee at all and that is a major factor for me. I had great control for camera work and I could actually move in revers a lot better. I did play a bit, spinning in one place, ETC. all worked great. (Armistead Lucas Coleman)"

Have a look at the report published by Scuba Gadget at the following link: