ICON NET READY: The ultimate Interpretation of Dive Computer Technology

August 5th, 2011

Dear valued Customers,

We are glad to inform you that ICON HD net ready with the air integration system is now available on the market. This applies to both new purchases as well as upgrades of previously purchased (non air integrated) units. We apologize for the long delay and for being "silent" on this network for a while, but we wanted to come back to all of you once the product is released and working perfectly. The delay was due to intensive testing, which now allows us to deliver an outstanding and unique product. Icon HD net ready is not only a dive computer with air integration: the bi-directional communication is the most reliable data transfer protocol ever and in the future it will allow us to link other devices to the computer. This is why we call it net ready!

Please contact your local dealer now to get your brand new Icon HD net ready for which you have waited so long or just ask for the upgrade of your existing unit. You will get a brand new complete unit as replacement of the “old” one with a full 2-year warranty. Just a great deal which we hope will have made the long wait worthwhile. Be aware that the due to the strong demand of the product the availability still might be limited and it may take some time till you get your Icon. In case the dealer should not have a unit available for you immediately, he will register your upgrade demand on our international database so that you can still use your exiting unit and get informed as soon it the new one is available for you.

Go and get your Icon HD net ready!

Thanks to all of you for your patience!

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