September 21st, 2011

To the holders of the
€43,738,000 Senior Secured Notes due 2012

ISINs: XS0447202218 and XS0447202309
Common Codes: 044720221 and 044720230

HTM Sport GmbH (the “Issuer”) gives irrevocable notice to the holders of its €43,738,000 Senior Secured Notes due 2012 (ISIN XS0447202218 and XS0447202309; Common Codes: 044720221 and 044720230) (the “Notes”) of redemption in full of the outstanding Notes in accordance with paragraph 8 thereof and Section 3.1 of the indenture, dated as of August 19, 2009 (the “Indenture”) among the Issuer (under its previous name, HTM Sport- und Freizeitgerate AG), certain guarantors named therein, Law Debenture Trust Company of New York, as trustee and security trustee, The Bank of New York Mellon, London Branch, as principal paying agent and The Bank of New York Mellon (Luxembourg) S.A., as Luxembourg paying agent and transfer agent. Capitalized terms have the meanings given to them in the Indenture.

The terms and conditions of the redemption are as follows:

1. The redemption date for the Notes will be October 21, 2011 (the “Redemption Date”) and the record date will be October 20, 2011.

2. The redemption price is 100.000% of the principal amount of the Notes to be redeemed, plus accrued and unpaid interest to the Redemption Date. The aggregate redemption price for the Notes to be redeemed is €29,409,145, which comprises the principal amount of €28,762,000 and accrued and unpaid interest to the Redemption Date of €647,145.

3. The Notes must be presented and surrendered to the Principal Paying Agent, which is The Bank of New York Mellon, One Canada Square, London, E14 5AL, England, to collect the redemption price and accrued and unpaid interest to the Redemption Date.

4. Unless the Issuer does not make the redemption payment, interest and Additional Amounts, if any on Notes called for redemption shall cease to accrue on or after the Redemption Date, and the only remaining rights of the Holders of such Notes is to receive payment of the Redemption Price upon surrender to the Principal Paying Agent of the Notes redeemed.

5. No representation is made by the Issuer as to the correctness or accuracy of the ISIN numbers and Common Codes listed in this notice or printed on the Notes.

6. This notice of redemption is given on September 21, 2011.

This notice is given by:

HTM Sport GmbH, as Issuer

Enquiries about the above notice should be directed to the Issuer as set out below:

HTM Sport GmbH
c/o Head N.V.
8, Upper Grosvenor Street
London W1K 2LY
United Kingdom
Attention: Clare Vincent

Head_-_Notice_of_Redemption_to_Holders_(90545910_2).PDF (62.5 kb)