Head Jib Factory 2012 by Alex Tank & Arnette

April 23rd, 2012

At 10th April it was the time again, where 20 of the best european jibbers came together to have a nice session on a sick setup at Oberjoch Germany, for the Head Jib Factory 2012 by Alex Tank & Arnette. Head kept it real again to make it the most fun for the riders as possible. No spectators, no schedule, riders judging. Everybody was just having a good time shredding with their friends. Sunny weather, good music and BBQ rounded it.

Thanks to the new sponsor Arnette and a lot more snow than last year, it was possible to create a setup that was way bigger than everything the Jib Factory had seen. On top of the course was the big multi-­‐feature. A gnarly closeoutrail to wallride, a double kink rail and a 5m gap over the closeoutrail on the tank you may remember from last year. Below the big multi-­‐feature was a downrail with street barriers after the first quarter, so you had to gap the first part of the rail. Right next to it was the triple step down straightrail which was quite a challenge. Down at the end of the park we had the Arnette marble ledge where the Game of O.U.T. took place. A slightly changed format of our last years game of SNOW, 2 guys battling each other, after 3 strikes the winner hits into in the next round.

After a first session at the Step down straightrail, the riders started with their games of OUT and everybody was killing it. A notable match in the first round for sure was Alex Tank against Marc Swoboda which took almost 2 hours. At the end it was Marc who advanced. While some people were still playing their game of OUT matches, the others were hitting the street barrier downrail. The standout here was Boris Bühler: Backside 270 to fakie and switch backside 270 to regular, which at the end won the best trick by far.

The next session took place at the big multi-­‐feature. At first it was Len Roald Jørgensen and Wojtek Pawlusiak killing the closeout rail by going big into the wallride with back nose and frontboards over the closeout. More and more people came up as Alex Tank checked in the 5m gap over the closeout on the Tank.

Simon Gruber, Wojtek, Alex Tank, Flo Corzelius, Boris Bühler, Len Roald Jørgensen and Tobi Hartmuth were going big over the gap and luckily got sled support to get back up again fast. At the beginning it was all about grabs to lipslides, till Alex stomped a clean back 270. Len was trying all kinds of 270s and 360s but then he got the idea of Backflipping on the Tank, everybody was holding his breath when he approached. When everybody thought the session was almost over and the last riders were about to drop, it got wild.

Boris Bühler stomped a perfect backside 360 and so did Flo Corzelius right afterwards. Then Len dropped again and got the Backflip frontboard to fakie down. Crowd was still going crazy about the Backflip when Simon Gruber stomped a massive backside 450 on.

In the evening they started with the next rounds for the game of OUT. Crazy matches took place, Dominik Wagner against Wojtek, Toni Kerkela against Raffi Kossmann and Elmar Bossard against Boris Bühler. These matches took ages. All the other riders were sitting down at the Arnette ledge, judging and having a good time till the sun went down. Due to the fact that the last matches took so long, the riders couldn’t get further then semi finals and hoped for good weather on Wednesday. Next morning it was deja-­‐vu all over again, the second day had to be cancelled like last year because it was raining on the mountain. We decided to split the Game of OUT price money on the remaining riders.

After the voting it was official: one guy takes it all, Boris Bühler won the best trick and the best rider overall. After Splitting the prize money for the Game of OUT to the last 6 guys, we had to decide who gets the trophy. Arm wrestling was on. At the end Dominik Wagner was victorious over a surprisingly strong Wessel van Lierop. It was a great event and everybody was stoked and is already hoping to be invited next year.

BEST TRICK: Boris Bühler – switch backside 270 to regular.
Game of OUT: Marc Swoboda, Toni Kerkela, Wessel van Lierop, Felix Georgii, Dominik Wagner, Boris Bühler.