HEAD’s Anna-Carin Nordin completes the 34km Tsugaru channel

September 19th, 2012

HEAD Swimming’s Channel swimmer Anna-Carin Nordin succeeded with another great accomplishment. On Thursday September 13, Anna-Carinswam the Tsugaru Channel from Honshuto Hokkaido in northern Japan, connecting the Sea of Japan with the Pacific Ocean.
The distance of 34 km took 19 hours and 11 minutes of non- stop swimming to complete.

Anna-Carin describedthe Tsugaru Channel swim as the toughest so far.
Extraordinarily strong currents pushed her out of track and led to a longer swim distance. Another difficulty was big school of Jellyfish that stung her body badly.

With this great accomplishmentAnna-Carin climbed up to number 3 on the Oceans Seven list and is now heading to become the first woman to complete all seven channel swims around the world. She has now completed the English Channel,the Catalina Channel, Gibraltar Strait, Molokai Channel and Tsugaru Channel. North Channel between Scotland and Ireland is scheduled for next year and the final channel, Cook Strait, is planned for 2014.

Anna-Carin used thenew HEADUltimate goggle and the Photon swim suit. The swim was performed without wetsuit, as required for channel swim records.