«WIN THIS SKI» - QR Raffle 12/13

October 12th, 2012

Radical like Simon Dumont: The HEAD QR-Raffle 2012/13.

If you scan the QR-code of your favorite HEAD ski, you might not have to buy it. The code on the ski is a raffle with instant notification. Main prize: The ski model you’re looking at. Cool side effects: Visual goodies and detailed product information.

A World Cup athlete has to fight for hard minutes, before he or she can claim victory and even freeskiers spend anxious seconds waiting for the jury’s score. With HEAD’s «Win This Ski» raffle, the winner is notified instantly.

How it works.

There are thousands of raffles. Most of them you forget the moment you participate. HEAD comes at it from a more aggressive angle. Straighter. Faster.

Any smart phone, regardless of Manufacturer and OS, can download one of the many «QR-reader» apps. Using this app, you will be able to scan QR-codes on billboards, ads, packaging, and now on HEAD skis.

Just activate the QR-reader and point the camera of your phone towards the QR-code on your HEAD ski of choice. You are automatically forwarded to a special HEAD landing page. Here you can get entertained, get informed about the product, or straight-out win the ski model you’ve been looking at. Best thing about it: The moment you participate, you know if you’ve won.

Curiosity pays off: Not only do the different lines of HEAD skis feature different codes with different films and different product infos, each separate line also offers another chance to win. So go ahead, and scan what you can.