Gokyo project: world record for Redl

October 19th, 2012

Christian Redl: “After a short, very cold nightin the tent,close to lakeNo. 5(right below5.000m), we climbed up to lake No. 6 on Wednesday, october17th.After 2hours of climbing, we reached this wonderfullake in over 5.160meters (Foto:Martin Gebhardt) ! First the required ceremony (the Gokyo lakes are holy) at 11 am, than we startedwith our preparations for the world record attempt. 30 minutes later, the immersion tests began. The dives were medical monitored by Dr. Heiko Renner. And he was right in his estimation: After the 2nd dive attempt, headaches and under cooling forced to be careful. The longest dive lasted at least over 2 minutes. And this means: WORLD RECORD!!! In the past, scientists argued that this task should be impossible …We decided todescend immediately. After two exhausting days we reached Namche. We will still need another 2 days to get to Lukla.”