13 year old Becky Menday, 1st place in under 16's at the Westbeach 'In and Out' Rail Jam

November 13th, 2012

13 year old Becky Menday was really stoked to win her age category at the 2nd leg of the Westbeach 'In and Out' Rail Jam competition. The event was held at Snozone 'indoor snow slope' at Milton Keynes. The marathon event took its toll on many riders with the long hours of competitng slowly reducing the field and many of the younger riders were very tired by the time the super finals were over. Becky competed very strongly all night and was very pleased to enter the two run best run counts super final. Her solid and stylish last run was enough to see off her fellow competitors and she walked away from her 1st place podium with a huge armful of prizes.

Pics by Jools Smith