Mares Bungee Strap

March 19th, 2013

Created as a smart alternative to the steel spring straps, this item relegates adjusting a fin strap to the past. Bungees exceed steel spring straps in all aspects: higher elastic properties, unaffected by sun and salt, lower weight and lower cost. With the new Mares bungee strap donning and doffing a fin is a breeze, and the comfort during the dive is guaranteed by the new ergonomic heel cover.

The bungee strap is available in 3 sizes and it includes in the packaging two extenders in case some extra length is needed, i.e. using bigger boots and it is 100% compatible with the Mares fin line.

What’s more? The new Mares Avanti Quattro +, a true restyling of a legend, comes equipped with the new bungee strap. The great responsiveness and increased performance of this fin combined with the comfort of the bungee and a more attractive look available also in three new colors!

Bungee strap:
Avanti Quattro +: