iDiversDiary and DiversDiary update.

May 2nd, 2013

iDiversDiary update available (1.2.1) and timeline on DiversDiary v1.5
are now available at the App Store.

This update fixes minor bugs.

Furthermore, we are currently beta testing DiversDiary v1.5. This version will introduce two major new features:
1) Support for Puck Air
2) Tissue bar graph with comprehensive description of tissue status and implications on decompression.

As usual, once we finish our testing we will release an unboxed version on our website (compatible with Mac OS 10.6.3 and onwards) while at the same time submitting the boxed version to the App Store for review (compatible with 10.8.x and onwards). The latter might therefore appear 3-4 weeks later. I will announce to this list when the unboxed version is available, so expect to hear from me in 2-3 weeks time.