Testers' Choice goes to Prestige MRS+

June 9th, 2014

The Testers' Choice by SCUBALAB goes to our Mares Prestige MRS+

This latest model from Mares shows how manufacturers continue to distill all the best qualities of jacket-style BCs. There’s no leap in technology here, but everything works together to bring out the comfort, stability and practicality
divers are looking for in a jacket. Divers liked the fit and adjustability,
from the comfortable cummerbund to the easy-adjust buckles that swivel on the shoulder straps.
The pockets are large, accessible and useful, even when the BC is
well inflated, and the power inflator nestles nicely in your hand. Weight
pockets load without fuss, and are secure, unobtrusive, and easy to ditch. Test divers would have liked another couple of D-rings, and perhaps a little more adjustment in the cummerbund overstrap.
But altogether, the Prestige 2 MRS+ is a nicely designed and constructed
BC. It is our Testers’ Choice for jacket BCs.
See the product at: http://bit.ly/1jUYl8g