Mares Promotional Event in Galapagos!!!

October 17th, 2011

The Promotional Event held by “Mares-Ecuador” Representatives: Temy Mantilla Elizalde, Luis Zàrate Flores and Juan Pazmiño Flores took place in the Conference Room in the Municipality Building of the city of Santa Cruz (Galapagos) on 19th August 2011.
Mares®, is the first international brand which has organized such an Event in Galapagos Islands. This Event aimed at introducing in the Ecuadorian Market the brand of diving equipment Mares®.

Among the participants, there were the personnel of the Municipality of Santa Cruz, Representatives of the Ecuadorian Navy and Air Force and the major local purchasers of diving equipment in Galapagos Islands, who were willing to enjoy Mares just add water experience.

The Promotional Event developed as follows:
- greetings and words of welcome, followed by the
introduction of the subject matter and the goals of
the Event, in charge of the CPNV-SP Temy Mantilla E;
- brief History of Mares® and how the brand has
evolved, in charge of Mr. Luis Zàrate F;
- quality, technology and performance of Mares®
products, in charge of the M.Eng. Juan Pazmiño F;
- exhibition to the participants of Mares® diving equipment;
- cocktail for the guests offered by Mares®.

During the event CPNV-SP Temy Mantilla was interviewed by both, the local TV channel and the Newspaper and Magazine “El Colono”, published biweekly and which has decided to publish the interview mentioned above and a comment on the Promotional Event in its next edition. During the cocktail, the participants had the opportunity to exchange information and establish interpersonal relationships. Furthermore, few hours before the Event Mares-Ecuador Representatives were interviewed in the Radio station “Radio Encantada”, which is a widely known radio in the Province of Galapagos. The radio interview represents one of the best memories of the Promotional Event since it announced Mares® as a worldwide leading Company in the development and manufacturing of highly technological and Italian made diving equipment; highlighting its experience and its contribution in the European market.


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