Icon Hd: Always Up To Date With Dive Organizer!

May 28th, 2010

ICON HD bring the world of multimedia underwater... and to your computer! With the latest version of Dive Organizer, today the perfect software for personalized management of your dives is available free for download. Read on to find out
everything it has to offer!
For the ICON HD, the extraordinary and versatile highdefinition dive computer, there is now another free service on offer from Mares: with the latest version of the Dive Organizer software interface (, managing the
logbook is incredibly simple and straightforward. Instantly
eye-catching are the numerous selection options, which
not only make it easier to find specific dives, but also let
you personalize the storage of dive information for
multiple users at once. This means that it's now possible
to quickly organize data based on different criteria: dive sites, date, various users, or a particular event (trip, project, etc.). Even parameters such as depth and length of the dive, the dive mode, and temperature can be checked for selection in ascending or descending order. The highly popular configuration options for this ultramodern logbook remain unchanged; they include the option to create links between dives and your favorite photos or diving maps. Over time, an archive is created that tempts you to dream big, and can even be used for scientific purposes.
Speaking of diving maps, we have something new to tell
you: today you can browse through over 90 maps of seven dive destinations! ICON owners can load these maps to their HD computers using Dive Organizer and call them up underwater to navigate with ease. Are you curious now? You'll find all the information you need at the following links: