ICON HD Service Ticket No5: take off with new firmware!

January 19th, 2011

High-definition makes it possible, reprogrammable chip technology makes it easy: starting today, you can get more information and new features embedded in an optimized display lay-out with notably bigger numbers, absolutely free by downloading and installing the new firmware version 2.0 on your ICON HD. Read on to learn why you should go online now...

Firmware version 2.0 delivers a truly powerful update for the ICON HD – the one-of-a-kind high-definition multi-talent among dive computers. Just turn it on and two new features will immediately jump out at you: in the upper left corner of the icon-based main menu your name appears (as long as it was entered in the ICE menu), while in the upper right corner the active dive mode is shown (inclusive of O2% and MOD in case of Nitrox).

To download go to:

The new firmware’s key objective reveals itself by clicking on the “dive” icon: The numbers-based view “extended” as well as the graphical view “profile” feature notably bigger numbers in the header and footer – a repeatedly expressed customer request that we were glad to implement. Of course, the corresponding sub-pages “extended+” and “profile+” were enhanced with bigger numbers and additional information for the ascent as well.

New warnings and recommendations “spice up” version 2.0: besides the warning highlighted in red for uncontrolled ascent and exceeding the MOD limit, there are now new warnings for not observing the decompression stop and low battery power. Highlighted in green, is another useful feature in the extended mode, namely the recommendation for scheduled gas changes in multigas dives.

You’ll also receive the latest scientific findings free of charge, because current results of decompression research are an integral part of the new firmware: if just one single “deep stop” is required, it will have a duration of two minutes (instead of one minute). If on the other hand ICON HD believes that for your dive profile two deep stops should be performed, than each is one minute only, for a total of two minutes.

Refine your ICON HD! Additional handy or plain informative features are included: from the stopwatch function in the compass view to the temperature profile in the logbook – when you download firmware 2.0 you go on an expedition in high-definition. To be continued...

Feel like exploring the ICON HD and ICON AIR further? An interactive Microsoft Surface table, iPads, several prototypes and chief engineer Sergio Angelini are awaiting you at Mares’ booth E54 at the “boot” trade show in Düsseldorf in hall number 3.