• New Firmware V2.5 for ICON HD

    October 31st, 2014, Mares

    Dear all, Mares would like to announce the release of updated firmware for the ICON HD We’ve made a few changes and perfected it just for you, we hope you enjoy it! ICON HD code 414119 Download: Your Mares Team

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  • Smart, Best buy 2014

    October 28th, 2014, Mares

    It matters how many features a dive computer has, but it matters more how well its features are executed. A case in point is Mares’ new Smart. It doesn’t have the longest list of goodies — there’s no air integration or compass — but what it does, it does very well. The dive-mode display is well thought out and easy to see and understand, [..]

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  • Be Smart!

    October 27th, 2014, Mares

    The wait is finally over!

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  • 27th October 2014

    October 23rd, 2014, Mares

    What does Mares have to offer?

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  • New Diving Apps Available!

    October 17th, 2014, Mares

    Hello everyone, Have you heard that a new version of the Dive Simulator is ready to download? It also supports iOS8 and iPhone 6! See the following link: As well as the Dive Simulator there is also a new version of the iDiversDiary available which supports iOS8 and iPhone 6 and also comes in Japanese! It works on both [..]

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  • Firmware update ICON HD net ready V4.1

    October 13th, 2014, Mares

    Firmware update Icon HD Net Ready 4.1 (October 2014) Remember to download the latest firmware for your ICON HD! With respect to 4.00, the following improvements have been implemented: 1. Fixed bug in logbook: if dive ended at 00 minutes, the wrong hour was shown. 2. Fixed bug in AMPM time visualization in the “+” field. 3. Fixed bug [..]

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  • Fusion 52X, The Benchmark.

    October 6th, 2014, Mares

    It’s here, the turning point in regulator technology, the benchmark: Fusion 52X Unlike any that has gone before it, the Fusion 52X is a departure from traditional regulator technology, and a point of great pride for Mares. The traditional bypass has been transformed, now providing a 77% increase in air flow, with a double curvature to provide [..]

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  • 6 October 2014, Save the date!

    September 26th, 2014, Mares

    Thanks for your curiosity, you have arrived at our website but you're slightly early, come back on the 6th October 2014 for some important news from Mares... Your Mares Team

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  • New Mares showroom and SSI Service Center in the Philippines!

    September 22nd, 2014, Mares

    Mares and SSI Philippines is pleased to announce the opening of a new SSI Service Center and Mares showroom in Mactan – Cebu! General Manager Dieter Heinz introduced Corinna Davids as the new SSI Operations Manager for the Philippines during the opening- welcome to the team Corinna! The new showroom, and having an SSI service manager in the [..]

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  • ICON HD for the testers' choice award.

    September 11th, 2014, Mares

    Once again , Scuba Diving Magazine, has chosen a Mares product for the testers' choice award. See the complete article below "We swooned enough over previous versions of Mares’ Icon HD that we were determined to play hard to get this time around — in vain, as it turns out. Once again, we fell hard for the big LCD screen, the effortless fou [..]

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