Head riders Tyson Bolduc, Carrie Jo Chernoff take first prize

March 27th, 2006


In the men's field, Head rider Tyson Bolduc won the competition by a huge 9-point margin. He flashed a line in the super finals that utilized the entire venue and clinched the win. He skied technically strong onto a pillow drop, moving onto the top of a 50-foot rock ridge, goating to the edge and front flipping into the slush below.

"It was really not skiing," said an excited Bolduc. "It was acrobatics." After a tough season, he couldn't believe it. "I'm a crasher," Bolduc said, "it's good to be on my feet."

Subaru Telluride Freeskiing Open champion Carrie Jo Chernoff from Crested Butte eked out Jackson's Lynsey Dyer by four-tenths of a point to win the championship. She took a gutsy line down a rock band in the venue's central chute and hucked off a 20 footer.

"At that point," she said about being in the super final, "it's all about having fun with it, second, third whatever, you want to ski a line that is challenging and fun … you've got to send it." Dyer nearly missed her run because her warm-up was stomping a 50-foot cliff in the ski area's backcountry for a Teton Gravity Research film sequence. "I did it," she whispered after her run, still beaming and wearing her avy beacon.

1. Carrie Jo Chernoff (Head), Crested Butte, 80.4
2. Lynsey Dyer, Jackson, 80
3. Jessica Baker, Jackson, 79.2
4. Lynn Kennen, Alpine Meadows, 71.4

1. Tyson Bolduc (Head), Vail, 114.2
2. Drew Tabke, Alta, 105.8
3. Jason Anthony, Jackson, 100.6
4. Craig Garbiel, Kirkwood, 99.8
5. Justin Modroo, Red Lodge, 99.8