Cuche wins Downhill on the Streif over Miller

January 19th, 2008

At the legendary Hahnenkamm downhill in Kitzbühel, Austria, Head's Didier Cuche secured victory. The Streif run separated the Swiss racer from his Head colleague Bode Miller, who took a shared 2nd place, by a slight margin.

Cuche again triumphant on the Streif
Didier Cuche showed why he was last year's Downhill Champion, and is the leader of the World Cup Downhill this year. The Head racer rested in 1st Place, after his failure free conquering efforts throughout the incredibly demanding Streif run at the famous Austrian ski resort Kitzbühel. His visible strength and familiarity with the run helped him clock a time of 1:52.75, that distanced him from the competition. With this being the Swiss Racers second victory on the Streif, and his second win of the season, he has been able to build on his lead in the World Cup Downhill Standings, and overtake the lead in the Overall World Cup Standings.

Miller spectacular in second place
Bode Miller showed that he can win, and this ability showed at the World Cup downhills in Bormio, Italy, and in Wengen, Switzerland, where he was the victor over Cuche a week ago. The American performed powerfully in his run, but had a little trouble in a crucial part of the course, where he skied across a banner near the safety nets, resulting in some extra time that he was not completely able to make up for, in his scorchingly fast skiing down the second half of the run. That line cost Miller, not only resulting in his finish time of 27 hundredths of a second behind Cuche, but also being the first North American to win here since 1959.