Cuche administers a second place display at Whistler

February 24th, 2008

The World Cup Giant Slalom held at Whistler, BC on Saturday the 23rd February was the testing site for the 2010 Winter Games, and HEAD athlete Didier Cuche showed two great runs, which resulted in his 2nd Place finish, and also his 10th podium of the season.

Excellent excecution in first run

Cuche had already set the stage for his excellent results in the first run. He took advantage of his 3rd starting position and got down to business on the 'Dave Murray' run clocking the second place time. With a carefully measured mixture of top class course awareness and aggressiveness, the Swiss native charged his way through his previously selected curves, which stood as the defense against all other competitors in his second place podium finish.

Updraft in Overall Standings

Thanks to his great performance at the Whistler Giant Slalom, Didier Cuche has now improved his points total in the Overall Standings, and has put himself within striking distance of the Overall World Cup Title. Cuche is now in third place after his 40th career podium and is behind his HEAD colleague Bode Miller who still has the lead in the Overall Rankings after his 7th Place finish in the same race.