6th win for Lindsey Vonn at Lake Louise

December 5th, 2009

Her great friend Maria Riesch came in 3rd completing the great day for HEAD skis while Sweden’s Anja Paerson was a promising 6th .

It’s was quite a dramatic triumph for Vonn, the defending downhill World Cup champion, who bite her tongue at mid course after her knee hit her chin, knocking her almost out. “I was stunned for a couple of seconds and it was a strange feeling when I felt some blood on my face afterwards,” she explained afterwards. “Fortunately I managed to sort of remain on course and keep on fighting my way down the slope. I’m happy that the injury was not worse – I was afraid to have lost a tooth or two.”

“I really feel confident here. I like starting the speed season on this course which I know by heart. I exactly know what I have to do from the first to last gate so I was able to fight hard after that incident. It’s very nice to win again. I don’t take it for granted as there are some many variables which can interfere during a race.”

“I was not bothered by the bad weather conditions and the shorter course, it often happened here. Its just part of the things you have to be ready for on race day. In fact I don’t mind when the conditions are more difficult as they favours the more experience racers. I’m not afraid to take risks event when the visibility is not so good.”

“This newest success is another strong boost for my moral as I know that I’m in good shape and that my skis are running fast and smoothly. I’m really glad to have made the change last summer. The HEAD staff provides me great support and does its best to have me skiing as fast as possible.”

“Each of us works hard to be ready for the season and we are all looking forward for the first win. I feel pretty relaxed now and ready for more in the coming weeks. I’ll of course try my best to reach more podiums here. It would be fun to finally win my first double downhill races here but as said the level is very here and many other skiers have a chance to excel on that course.”

Another victory on Saturday would allow Vonn to improve Katja Seizinger record of six wins in the 1990s. “It would definitely be something nice to achieve here but my foremost goal tomorrow will be to ski as well as possible,” she said about that record. “It’s not easy to remain fully focused two days in a row, so I’ll just try again my best and we will see.”

Another podium for Maria Riesch.

Maria Riesch too was pleased by her result and her first podium finish in downhill so early in the season as last year a month after her superb win at Levi in slalom. The skier from Garmisch-Partenkirchen manages to take over the lead in the Overall World Cup standings.

“I’m happy as I don’t like it so much to race by bad weather, but at the end of the day, the conditions were pretty fair for everybody,” she told the press. “The course was challenging even though it was shorter. I made a few mistakes here and there so as I said a podium finish here is good to take.”

“I feel very comfortable in that course after having reached so often the podium here. I know where I can improve tomorrow and I’ll do my best to do better. To beat Lindsey is for sure not easy but I know I can ski faster. I really hope to be more consistent in the speed events this winter. Last season I only reached a few podiums in downhill and Super-G. I aim for more this time.”