An emotional podium for Marco Büchel

January 16th, 2010

The 38-year-old speed specialist has been aiming for a long time for such a result in the Swiss ‘Classic’ especially since last summer while he was training for his last racing season.

“I never managed to do so well here and I was thinking a lot about that competition during the various training camps especially during my physical work-outs,” he explained afterwards.

“I kept pushing me all the time telling myself that I need to train very hard to have a good chance to achieve a good result on this long course,” Marco added. “It means a lot to me to have done so well here today on my ‘good-bye’ tour. I enjoyed each second on the slope today the great support of the crowd at the finish area. There is nothing as exciting for a skier to clock the best time at the end of his run and to hear the fans shouting your name. I have been really lucky to be just one hundredth faster than Werner Heel.”

“I have done well on many downhill runs in my career except here so I was dreaming of a top performance this time. I am very happy to be on the podium aside such a great talent as Carlo Janka who strongly impressed me today. He is really amazing.”

“It was important for me to excel once more in a great race this month after a so-so season start in December. I had some promising results in Italy so I was hoping to be able to raise my level for the January ‘Classics’ – now I’ll be able to be even more relaxed next week at Kitzbühel where I aleady enjoyed great performances in recent years.”

A few years ago, Büchel became the oldest winner in the men’s tour with his superb win in Super-G in Kitzbühel when he beat by a few hundredths Austria’s skiing legend Hermann Maier. He won a total of three World Cup races in his career and a silver medal in giant slalom at Vail in 1999. He only started to compete in downhill in January 2001.

Marco plans to retire at the end of this season to become a co-commentator with a German TV station. Yet in the meantime, he plans to keep on skiing fast in the coming major events as Kitzbühel and the Vancouver Olympics in February.