Triple victory for HEAD at Cortina

January 23rd, 2010

Lindsey keeps on being ‘Vonnderful’ in the speed events! The 25-year-old American achieved another stunning performance today at Cortina d’Ampezzo winning her eighth World Cup event of the season – the 30th in her career – in occasion of the spectacular downhill race at Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Thanks to a very aggressive final part down the breathtaking ‘Olimpia Tofana’ run, Vonn was able to beat once more her friend Maria Riesch, while Sweden’s Anja Paerson finished a strong 3rd tied with Switzerland’s Nadja Kamer.

So far, Vonn remained unbeaten this winter in downhill, adding a fifth consecutive victory in a speed event since Haus im Ennstal.

“Today was a pretty good downhill, I was quite nervous at the start because I knew that Maria Riesch was leading,” she explained with a huge smile after the race. “I had to execute my plan and ski aggressive. I was conservative in the top sections, but after the first gates I could carry some speed. I know that I won the race in the bottom part. I hope that tomorrow, I’ll have another good race in giant slalom.”

A new suit a Vancouver

“I’ll wear a new racing suit in Vancouver, I already heard great things about it. I’m looking for every advantage that I can have. I’ll check how much it can help. Maybe I can get some hundredths, but it won’t change the way I’m skiing.”

With her 30th victory, Lindsey reached another level among the best skiers in the World Cup history as she is now tied with Croatia’s Janica Kostelic. She can also fight for the record of eight downhill wins in the same season – as Austria’s Annemarie Moser-Pröll did during her amazing 1972/73 season.

So far she did as well as her former teammate Picabo Street who won five consecutive downhill races during her great 1994/95 season – capturing a total of six races that winter.

“Picabo Street was my idol growing up,” Vonn explained. “I don’t know how many races she won in a row, I can’t remember the records. I just ski the best I can. It’s not easy every day if I want to stay on the top. Mentally and physically, it’s very hard. I try to stay on the most aggressive line all the time.”

“I knew that I had a lot on my plate and had to attack hard, it was a pretty solid downhill. It was much faster today. I thought I was doing OK while I was skiing. When I was at the first jump, I knew that I was pretty fast. I tried to ski as well in the turns down to the flat.”

„I couldn’t be happier than now. I found the rhythm. I know what to do everyday, how much I have to attack and where I have to ski safe and where I have to take some risk. This is the reason why I’m doing fewer mistakes this year. It’s so important for me, every race finishing among the top 3 is a great result. And now, with all these back-to-back wins, it’s really a dream!”

On Sunday, Lindsey will try her best to achieve another strong result in giant slalom. At Maribor she showed she has the potential to reach the podium also in that speciality.