Wait For It! – New Season. New Addict.

November 15th, 2010

This season, HEAD unveils not only the new members to the HEAD Racing Team, but its brand new and splendid commercial, which shows the early days of Lindsey Vonn’s life.

33 World Cup victories, 3 Overall victories, Olympic Gold and many more top results – Lindsey Vonn was born to ski.

But when exactly did she realize she always wanted to be faster than everybody else? Did people around her encourage her natural impatience and innate motivation? Or did they ignore the talent that was growing up amongst them?

«Wait For It» with Lindsey Vonn follows the footsteps of Bode Miller’s commercial «Speedoholics», with regards to content. Chronologically, it is set before. The viewer follows various young Lindsey-lookalikes at different ages and stages in their lives, in an ironical yet very likeable manner. All scenes have one thing in common: Little Lindsey is always one step ahead, always waiting for everybody else to catch up with her.

The HEAD «Wait For It» commercial was shot in August, on location in Los Angeles and Austria with a big production crew and a large number of kids, moms and dads, all of them acting or performing as extras.