Riesch wins in Cortina, Vonn third

January 23rd, 2011

Riesch comes back to form with devastating performance in Cortina.

Maria Riesch showed that she is still a force to be recognised with, with a supreme performance. Riesch was smooth, determined and super fast down the Cortina d’Ampezzo course. Lindsey Vonn made another of her miraculous recoveries to place third on the podium as well in a good day for the Speedoholics in Italy.
Riesch’s error free run down the sun-drenched Olympia delle Tofane gave her a fourth victory in the season but more importantly for her put her in a commanding position in the Overall race. "Every win in downhill is special because Lindsey is so strong in this discipline," the German said. "This race could become very important for the overall."

Vonn had the advantage of Riesch attacking the course first yet at the second split the German was four tenths ahead of Vonn. Just after the second split, Vonn caught her right inside edge as she came across a traverse. What followed was another supreme recovery. What could so easily have been a major crash was a “mere” slowing down and the great American salvaged third behind her countrywoman, Julia Mancuso.

"Funny things happen when you're skiing well and risking a lot — that's ski racing," said Vonn, "I have to just stay positive and I really hope that tomorrow I have a clean run." Vonn added: "I was definitely more shocked than I was in any other recovery or mistake," Vonn said. "I just saw the net coming at me so fast, and it took me a second to kind of get my thoughts together, and then I was like, 'OK, get in your tuck and keep going.'” This is the type of racer that she is!

"It's different when you come into a turn (6 mph) faster than you did before," Vonn added. "It changes the dynamics of the turn, it changes where the pressure is, it changes how much force is on the ski. When you have that much more speed, I feel like a lot more things can go wrong. Unfortunately, that's what's happening."

With Anna Fenninger and Lizz Goergl also in the top ten, this was another great day for the HEAD racers. Fenninger admitted she needs to cut the mistakes out while Goergl, who shook her head in frustration at the finish, admitted “If I can avoid mistakes then I should be on the podium.”

1. Maria Riesch (GER) HEAD
2. Julia Mancuso
3. Lindsey Vonn (USA) HEAD
9. Anna Fenninger (AUT) HEAD
10. Lizz Goergl (AUT) HEAD
28. Margaret Altacher (AUT) HEAD