Goergl takes third as Vonn moves into Overall lead

March 16th, 2011

Goergl takes third as Vonn takes over the Overall lead

It was said that it was all to play for in the four races remaining this season and so it is proving! Lindsey Vonn is now in pole position for the Overall race after taking fourth place in the final downhill. The Downhill Globe is safely secured in the cabinet but it is the big Globe that Lindsey Vonn is still after, she wants her fourth on the bounce and this is what is motivating her!

Vonn attacked the gnarly course with everything: You had to take risks and with the flat light and holes all over the course, this was not for the feint hearted. Having admitted that she made a few mistakes at the top, Vonn knew that she had to fight harder.

“I am really happy with fourth place, it was a really solid performance and I have picked up points in the Overall. This was another exciting day in the hunt for the overall,” explained Vonn after the race. “I am proud of the way things have gone over the last few weeks and just the fact that I am able to be at the finals,” she continued. “I’m only a couple points ahead, so I still feel like I’m the underdog,” Vonn said after the race. “I have to make some points tomorrow. We’ll see how I am going into the last technical races. Maria is dangerous in all events, so I have to be on my game in every race.”

For Riesch it was now a chance to attack from second yet on her run she said: “The top was OK, not perfect, but OK, but then same like in the training, I got really low and there was a funny bump and all the speed was gone and also my confidence,” Riesch said. “The whole steep was not very good and I lost lots of time there. But of course I have to look forward. It’s not over yet and I have to do it better tomorrow.”
Riesch, while disappointed in her performance Wednesday, said she was kind of relieved to no longer be carrying the weight of overall World Cup leader. “Of course, I’m not happy with the race today and no points, but on the other side, I’m a little bit happy that I‘m not in the lead anymore,” she said. “Maybe that’s a better position now. I try to do my best the next three days and we will see.”

1. Julia Mancuso
2. Lara Gut
3. Lizz Goergl (AUT) HEAD
4. Lindsey Vonn (USA) HEAD
6. Anna Fenninger (AUT) HEAD
8. Anja Paerson (SWE) HEAD
13. Marianne Abderholden (SUI) HEAD
17. Maria Riesch (GER) HEAD