Becky Menday back on on dry slope

August 20th, 2012

Becky Menday voted the best overall snowboarder by the judges at the 'Big Air' event held at 'Ski Rossendale' dry slope.

This was Becky's first competition since fracturing her elbow back in June, and was again back on dry slope. But this did not seem to deter the young 13 year old from stepping up and slamming it down.

The event was held on the large Rossendale kicker and despite the heat the slope was running well. The format for this event was a 3 hour jam session with one prize for the skiers and one prize for the snowboarders. There were no separate categories for male or female or for age, so Becky was up against some stiff competition from the guys. She laid down some sick tricks including super styled grabbed front and back 3's.

Becky was really stoked to be picked as the best overall snowboarder of the event and walked away with a large bag of swag from Bawbags.

She said 'So pleased to be back on the dry slope after my injury, and super stoked to be judged as the best snowboarder overall. Still can't believe I beat all the guys as well.'