November 4th, 2013

Polyester strings, meet your new benchmark. HEAD introduces the groundbreaking CRYSTAL CORE technology, a newly developed string manufacturing process, which opens the door to a whole new era of co-polyester strings. Providing the ultimate combination of power and feel, the new technology is introduced in the new HEAD HAWK™ tour string, one of the tour’s best and high-quality strings developed together with top HEAD pro players.

Whether you are part of a professional match or participating in a leisure training session, your strings are the only thing that actually makes contact with the ball. To make sure that players of all levels around the world have the best tools available, HEAD is constantly researching new ways to improve the quality, playing characteristics and innovation potential of its strings.

The new, innovative manufacturing process, result of this continuous research, is a complex multistep heat treatment, which allows controlling the molecular crystal structure within a monofilament string and engineering different material properties in its outer and core region. A highly orientated molecular structure on the outside of the string generates more energy efficiency releasing more power, while a more crystalline core adds dampening and touch to the string. As a result, the strings offer a unique combination of energy efficiency for explosive power with optimized control and touch in every shot.

The new HEAD HAWK™ tour string with CRYSTAL CORE technology in its new black packaging is available as of November 4th, 2013 at retail.