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新しいHEAD グラフィン インスティンクト。かつてないほどパワフルに。

「テニスファンの皆さん! 私の新しいラケットはもう試してみた?このラケットであなたのプレーがパワーアップすることを心から願っているわ。レビュー(感想)を書いて、私との個人レッスンを当てるチャンスをつかんでね。グッドラック、そして、ゲームのグレードアップを続けてね。マリアより」


HEAD ユーテック™ グラフィン インスティンクト S



23,5/26/21 mm
660 cm2/102 in2
270 g
340 mm




  • Răzvan | 10.04.2014 | 13.44

    Absolutely great racquet! Feels wonderful in my hand and really improved my game. I am proud to use the same racquet as Maria Sharapova!

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  • Vasilis | 24.03.2014 | 15.01 | Recommented this racquet

    Fast, Light, with great control and enormous power. Totally recommended for all players especially for the intermediate ones.

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  • Oliver | 16.03.2014 | 08.52 | Recommented this racquet

    This was my first racket I got at adults size as I out grew my 26 one! Let's get straight to the point- this racket is an AMAZING racket! Seriously, you get so much power out of it. I also find it gives quite a lot of control as well. I just can't fault it! I liked it so much I asked for another one for tournaments, so I had one for training and for tournaments.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 259 有効と感じた点

  • Florin | 14.04.2013 | 12.02 | Recommented this racquet

    i played with 270g, great racquet it gives you more control and power

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 1609 有効と感じた点

  • Mateo | 12.04.2013 | 16.00 | Recommented this racquet

    Image thumbnail

    This raquet is awesome! Since i bought it My performanCe on the court has improved from 100 to 1000. it Gives me a lot of contRol, speed and power. And i liKe having nole's raquet As well!

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 1657 有効と感じた点

  • David | 12.04.2013 | 00.52 | Recommented this racquet

    Fantastic racquet! the test went so well that I went out and bought this racquet the same day.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 1648 有効と感じた点

  • Wataru | 07.04.2013 | 11.39 | Recommented this racquet


    有効でした? -はい - ノー 1563 有効と感じた点

  • Jeremy | 02.04.2013 | 02.18 | Recommented this racquet

    I am a beginning player, so it took me a while to adjust to the feel of this racquet, but after about 20 minutes i was consistently finding the sweet spot and able to refine my control.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 1569 有効と感じた点

  • Luis | 02.04.2013 | 01.16 | Recommented this racquet

    “Is not me….its the racquet” is what I often end up saying after making what might be considered a difficult winning shot to end the rally. Yes, the new “HEAD Instinct S” provides absolute comfort when executing many different types of hits/shots such as forehand, backhand and of course inclusive of first and second serves. Light, head (top) heavy, comfortable handle, excellent livery gives way to gaining confidence on the court and looking good. HEAD Instinct S is highly recommended for all of you who like to pick your spots and strokes. Across court winner and my opponent says “nice shot...!!” and I respond: “.....is not me….its the racquet.....” smiles around with a quick glance at my new HEAD YouTek Instinct S.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 1618 有効と感じた点

  • Silvano | 01.04.2013 | 05.26 | Recommented this racquet

    very light and good control

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 1596 有効と感じた点

  • Tsvetanka | 29.03.2013 | 11.26 | Recommented this racquet

    It's incredible how easy is to play with this racket. You don't need to super powerful, every power you need is in the racket.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2064 有効と感じた点

  • Анна | 27.03.2013 | 21.04 | Recommented this racquet

    у меня 2 ракетки head.Одну я купила в лондоне во время ОИ, а вторую мне 30 октября в москве подарила сама Маша. На ней ее автограф. Ту которую мне подарила Маша, я даже трагать боюсь))) а другой я конечно же играю. Это просто нереальные ракетки!!!!

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 1848 有効と感じた点

  • rosanna | 26.03.2013 | 16.14 | Recommented this racquet

    Racchetta potente e maneggevole

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2092 有効と感じた点

  • Crowell | 26.03.2013 | 13.02 | Recommented this racquet

    My husband loveS to play tennis and would love your new racket!!! Please give hIm a cHAncE to meet sharapovA and Nole ;) He would be crazy happy!!! Thank you,

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2056 有効と感じた点

  • mahmoud | 26.03.2013 | 10.37 | Recommented this racquet

    it is amazing one ...o lim with unlimited accurate shot and control

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  • Marie | 26.03.2013 | 07.28 | Recommented this racquet

    Super Schläger!

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2062 有効と感じた点

  • Carolane | 26.03.2013 | 06.22 | Recommented this racquet

    I recommend it. I only try the racqueT havent bOught ot yet but im look too for sure

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2067 有効と感じた点

  • moises | 26.03.2013 | 05.55 | Recommented this racquet

    Awesome racket!

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2057 有効と感じた点

  • Jose Raul | 25.03.2013 | 14.59

    very simple amazing feelin and control ,unique

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2137 有効と感じた点

  • Ingrid denIsse | 20.03.2013 | 00.08 | Recommented this racquet

    Anteriormente jugaba con la youTek ig instinCt S y debo de decir que es por mucho la mejor raqueta con la que he jugado en los ultimos cinco años, hace poco adquirí la nueva grapheNe INSTINCt S de María sharapova. yo estaba renuente de que Me pudiera acomodAr con otra raqueta asi es que cuando adquiri esta nueva raqueta y la pobre fue una locUra mi experiencia fue mucho Más placentera, le pegaba mucho mejor con más toque, fuerza, con más top sPin, es mucho más ligera, la verdad no la cambio por nada, trae una tecNologia superior que Las demaS no le Llegan a los talones, no por cualquier cosa la prefiere una de las mejores tenistas del mundo...

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2122 有効と感じた点

  • Michaela | 18.03.2013 | 16.33 | Recommented this racquet

    I think this racquet is incrediblE, I like the Feel of the racquet when I'm playing as It leaves a soft touch for me to play with. The control I get is Amazing as not matter what shot I play the racquet seems to adapt, a very versatile racquet!

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 1925 有効と感じた点

  • Albert | 17.03.2013 | 17.18 | Recommented this racquet

    (This message is only for Novak) I love it

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2145 有効と感じた点

  • David | 16.03.2013 | 20.16

    la raqueta sin duda supera espectativas en cuando a potencia y control. realmente una raqueta que para los revés te deja sin nada que hacer y muy resistente al estar cerca a la malla. sin duda una gran raqueta.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2123 有効と感じた点

  • Beau | 12.03.2013 | 07.47 | Recommented this racquet

    This racket is amazing. it has an amazing feel to it, and i would recommended this racket to any one who wants a all rounder racket that provides everything. it also has outstanding power in it.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2063 有効と感じた点

  • Benny | 12.03.2013 | 02.42 | Recommented this racquet

    This was such a great playtest, I fElt very confident in my GrouNdstrokes from all areas of the court. The racquet Performed best on the serve, It Really added some Pace and Spin to my serves! I also really enjoyed it at the net, it was very solid and I felt like I could hit solid volleys no matter the pace of the ball. Great RaCquet, I hope to get one iN the future!

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2163 有効と感じた点

  • Petar | 10.03.2013 | 20.26 | Recommented this racquet


    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2009 有効と感じた点

  • NICOLA | 09.03.2013 | 14.25 | Recommented this racquet

    Faccio parte di una scuola di Tennis , precisamente CTL lido di Camaiore Lu. Ho 11 anni ho provato la racchetta mi è sembrata molto maneggevole, con ottima potenza. E' una racchetta molto leggera che facilita gli spostamenti.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2157 有効と感じた点

  • Sergiy | 08.03.2013 | 00.06 | Recommented this racquet

    The Greatest racquet I'd ever played!!!

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2282 有効と感じた点

  • Martina | 07.03.2013 | 17.26 | Recommented this racquet

    Sembra di tenere una piuma in mano, ben calibrata e potente!

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2258 有効と感じた点

  • NIKIFOROS | 07.03.2013 | 16.48 | Recommented this racquet

    ειναι τελεια

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2285 有効と感じた点

  • Ohad | 27.02.2013 | 22.01

    i tried it and at the first minitue i wanna marry it! the best raquet of yours! i love just your company! i have yours:raquets, grips, shoes, bag, balls, mini ball(for my house) you are the best!

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2051 有効と感じた点

  • Roberta | 27.02.2013 | 13.07 | Recommented this racquet

    ottima racchetta!! davvero leggera e maneggevole! indicatissima per i principianti e giocatori di livello intermedio.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2231 有効と感じた点

  • Antonio | 23.02.2013 | 14.26 | Recommented this racquet

    Sensazionale unica strabiliante!!!

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2287 有効と感じた点

  • Leslie | 23.02.2013 | 05.56 | Recommented this racquet

    This racquet makes playing the game easier. you can hit more powerful shots with less effort. the instinct hits like a heavier racquet without the weight. the instinct is also perfectly balanced with equal weight in the handle and the head, making it the perfect compliment to anyone's game.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2154 有効と感じた点

  • Raphael | 19.02.2013 | 21.51 | Recommented this racquet

    La meilleure raquette, depuis le temps que je l'attendais, merci

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2234 有効と感じた点

  • Cristina | 16.02.2013 | 11.43 | Recommented this racquet

    FOrse la miglior racchetta con cui abbia mai giocato

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2107 有効と感じた点

  • Alejandro | 16.02.2013 | 05.43 | Recommented this racquet

    Porque está impresionante, muy lindo diseño y además es muy cómoda para jugar!

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2143 有効と感じた点

  • Sasa | 13.02.2013 | 10.47 | Recommented this racquet

    The best racquet ever

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2226 有効と感じた点

  • carlos | 04.02.2013 | 17.32 | Recommented this racquet

    Por que los partidos solo se ganan con potencia, control y efecto, se ganan con la mejor raqueta, se ganan con " HEAD YouTek™ Graphene™ Instinct S ".

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2211 有効と感じた点

  • carlos | 04.02.2013 | 17.32 | Recommented this racquet

    Por que los partidos solo se ganan con potencia, control y efecto, se ganan con la mejor raqueta, se ganan con " HEAD YouTek™ Graphene™ Instinct S ".

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2322 有効と感じた点

  • desikan | 30.01.2013 | 20.38 | Recommented this racquet

    5 Star!! I felt like playing with a custom made racquet. This racquet has given me all i wanted and more, this combination of weight and balance is just perfect, one of the most stable frames ever. the comfort is ultimate, helps spin too. perfect racquet!! head - simply the best...

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2098 有効と感じた点

  • Pablo | 30.01.2013 | 17.52 | Recommented this racquet

    Great for developing heaD speed, great at net, great for a smaller framed player like myself!

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2070 有効と感じた点

  • Sophie | 28.01.2013 | 22.55 | Recommented this racquet

    i found that this racquet suited my needs as a tennis player lightweight and surprisingly stable which helped improve the consistency of my shots. as a player i like playing at the back of the court the most and it helped improve my ground strokes both on my forehand and backhand sides. just a really good quality racquet.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2239 有効と感じた点

  • Norman | 28.01.2013 | 08.11

    the racquet had a different feel than any of the many racquets I had hit with so you need to spend some time with it to properly test it but it was too light for me. I believe that once you hit with it for awhile it has a lot of potential for players who like this weight of racquet. The heavier graphene speed pro racquet would probably suit my game better.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2134 有効と感じた点

  • Hannah | 27.01.2013 | 05.54 | Recommented this racquet

    A very easy to use racquet and definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a neW racquet. Very lightweight making it easy to swing through Quickly.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2034 有効と感じた点

  • Aimee | 27.01.2013 | 04.43 | Recommented this racquet

    A Very Light And stable racquet. it produces a lot of power and spin wiThout forcing too much oN the swing. It's a state of the art racquet, revoluTionising tennis racquets with the use of graphene is phenOmenal! Head tennis haS Done tennis players proud, this is such an amazing p rodUct!

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2255 有効と感じた点

  • Claret | 26.01.2013 | 08.18 | Recommented this racquet

    Image thumbnail

    It has everything you Want and need in a Racket, its wknderful hoW iT works and Also it Is beautiful, o love the CoLorS, the FiRst time u saw it i really Fell in love with it ANd i couldn'T want mOre tO play and When i aM playing don't want tO stop

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2080 有効と感じた点

  • jOSEPH | 21.01.2013 | 15.51 | Recommented this racquet

    When i tried the head you youtek graphene instinct s at my tennis club, my raquet stringer told me to try it. I thought, because i play with babolat, it was going to be very different but it wasn't. It was a lot better. novak, this could be the key for you to become the better than federer, murray, maybe even the best player in the history. AND I SWEAR THIS COULD BE IT!!!

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2245 有効と感じた点

  • vinay | 21.01.2013 | 13.09

    I think this racquet is best in the world for whole players. i suggest to all players always use this racquet and improve your skills.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2033 有効と感じた点

  • PAOLO | 20.01.2013 | 17.58 | Recommented this racquet

    riesce a migliorare la mia capacita'

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2139 有効と感じた点

  • MARIO | 20.01.2013 | 01.01 | Recommented this racquet

    Una super racchetta

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2159 有効と感じた点

  • simone | 19.01.2013 | 03.05 | Recommented this racquet

    Quando fui comprar uma nova raquete fiquei em dúvida sobre qual comprar, mas logo a vendedora me aconselhou a escolher qualquer uma das raquetes head, pois eu estaria fazendo uma ótima compra. fiquei meio insegura pois achei que era conversa de vendedor, mas arrisquei e a acabei fazendo um winner. a raquete é sensacional, o meu desempenho em quadra melhorou muito graças a ela, que me dá muita segurança nos golpes na base e na subida a rede. recomendo agora pra todos os meus colegas de tênis pois as raquetes head são top. muito boas mesmo.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2027 有効と感じた点

  • Laura | 18.01.2013 | 22.36 | Recommented this racquet

    Es IMPRESIONANTE, parece que la pelota tome una velocidad y efectos que con otras raquetas son practicamente imposibles.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2216 有効と感じた点

  • Maria | 18.01.2013 | 17.29 | Recommented this racquet

    i think is the better racquet if novak use it!!!~

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2108 有効と感じた点

  • Greg | 18.01.2013 | 15.42 | Recommented this racquet

    If it's good enough for Gilles, it's good enough for me!

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2233 有効と感じた点

  • Oliwia | 18.01.2013 | 12.36

    Using Head youtek graphene instinct s, you get what is the most important for a tennis player. That is Balance. Balance between power and instinct. This is what get's you to the top spot.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2254 有効と感じた点

  • Siegrid | 18.01.2013 | 09.56 | Recommented this racquet

    Ich kann mit dem neuen Instinct S mehr power und Spin erzeugen, Die Kontrolle ist weiter sehr gut und auch das Handling ist beeindruckend. Insgesamt ein toller schläger mit dem das spielen enormen spaß macht.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2093 有効と感じた点

  • maggie | 17.01.2013 | 18.18 | Recommented this racquet

    this racquet hits nicely, but concerned that I was not making power volleys.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2091 有効と感じた点

  • marilyn | 16.01.2013 | 20.51 | Recommented this racquet

    I have played with a head liquidmetal for years, and I love my racquet! I thought I'd demo the new youtec instinct since it's available at the club where i play and found it to be very lightweight, balanced, and an overall well designed--the only thing i noticed was the sound when i contacted the ball--a distinct "bong!".

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2146 有効と感じた点

  • Lara | 16.01.2013 | 17.32 | Recommented this racquet

    das Racket ist der hammer! einfach genial

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2343 有効と感じた点

  • Carlos andrés | 15.01.2013 | 19.18 | Recommented this racquet

    Es una excelente raqueta, su balance permite tener mayor control y a la vez maneja un buen spin gracias a su excelente maniobrabilidad.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2409 有効と感じた点

  • kat | 14.01.2013 | 23.35 | Recommented this racquet

    What a great racquet. lots of control , power and spin. nice weight for a female player

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2245 有効と感じた点

  • Denise | 12.01.2013 | 12.22 | Recommented this racquet

    Tolles handlung und gefühlvolles spiel vereinen sich in dem tollen schläger. deshalb macht es auch super viel spass mit ihm zu spielen.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2509 有効と感じた点

  • Joe | 12.01.2013 | 10.08 | Recommented this racquet

    I actually didnt have one, if i was lucky enough, i would Be the happyest person alive! Please!

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2302 有効と感じた点

  • Koji | 12.01.2013 | 04.48 | Recommented this racquet


    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2341 有効と感じた点

  • Hossein | 12.01.2013 | 02.30 | Recommented this racquet

    I am a researcher in electronic working on carbon related materials including graphene. It was really enjoying and interesting for me to marry my research work to my love tennis with graphene! This new material has superior potential for several application. Great idea by head.

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2351 有効と感じた点

  • Sergiy | 12.01.2013 | 00.16 | Recommented this racquet

    The best racquet i have ever played

    有効でした? -はい - ノー 2371 有効と感じた点