• Upgrade your game with the new Graphene Radical.*

THE NEW HEAD Graphene RADICAL. More unpredictable than ever.

„Hi! Have you already tested my new racquet? I hope it will help you improve your skills and add something unpredictable to your game. Reviews are very welcome! Everybody who writes one has a chance to win a personal training with me. So, good luck and never stop upgrading your game! Yours, Andy“


The HEAD YouTek™ Graphene Radical Rev

Lightweight Graphene engineering REVs up power to the max per weight coupled with outstanding maneuverability. This ideal combination meets the needs of both the ambitious young rebels and better intermediate players.


20/23/21 mm
Head size
630 cm2/98 in2
Weight (unstrung)
260 g/9.2 oz
Balance (unstrung)
360 mm/2/3”HH
String Pattern
16/19 dynamic




  • Gerber | 11.03.2014 | 06.00 | Recommented this racquet

    This racket is perfect! I like this racket style beceuse it's have a lot of power and controel

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  • Andrew | 02.03.2014 | 00.26 | Recommented this racquet

    Great racquet. Allows for power, but still able to keep feel. Would recommend to anyone with a fast swing who wants to get more power.

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  • Norikazu | 15.02.2014 | 05.28 | Recommented this racquet

    REVを試打したとき、260gの軽さなのに相手のハードヒットにも打ち負けないパワーがありました。 軽いので振りぬきやすく使いやすかったです。 老若男女、だれでも使いやすいラケットです。

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  • Gail | 05.02.2014 | 23.30 | Recommented this racquet

    Love my new Radical Rev! Lots of power and spin gives me the confidence to really get up to the ball for those winners! Not being a big guy (yet) the touch and control at the net with my volleys is excellent. The sound of the ball coming off my strings is so cool love it! :-)

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  • Lena | 10.01.2014 | 11.10 | Recommented this racquet

    I love this racket!

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