• Upgrade your game with the new Graphene Prestige.*

THE NEW HEAD Graphene PRESTIGE. More precision than ever.

„Salut, have a look at my new racquet and test it yourself! It will make your shots more precise and your game sharper than ever. Everybody who writes a review has a chance to meet me on court. Keep on upgrading your game! Yours, Gilles.“


The HEAD YouTek™ Graphene Prestige MP

The Prestige MP offers the perfect blend of maneuverability and precision.


21 mm
Head size
630 cm2/98 in2
Weight (unstrung)
320 g/11.3 oz
Balance (unstrung)
310 mm/1 1/3“ HL
String Pattern




  • Marion | 29.04.2014 | 15.32

    Cette raquette est puissante avec une précision ultime !!!Le design est magnifique et la taille du tamis est idéal pour les joueur a la recherche de puissance et de précision

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  • yann | 27.04.2014 | 22.46

    Raquette puissante très maniable et performante. Un produit à recommander pour celles et ceux qui veulent un confort et de la vitesse.

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  • adrien | 16.04.2014 | 11.57 | Recommented this racquet

    haute performance et maniabilité, très beau design également

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  • Romain | 16.03.2014 | 13.33

    Cette raquette est puissante avec une précision ultime !!!Le design est magnifique et la taille du tamis est idéal pour les joueur a la recherche de puissance et de précision

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  • Tsvetanka | 09.03.2014 | 16.46 | Recommented this racquet

    Great racquet with great control! You can send the ball whatever you want!

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  • Drossart David | 02.03.2014 | 10.55 | Recommented this racquet

    The prestige is not a simple racket, it's the quitessence of the racket I follow Gilles since 2008 ans his microgel version and what a pleasure to see him launches a winner after 25 hit!! The prestige is a racket that gives you what you give so play with pleasure to be "better than the best" Go Gilles you're my favourite player and if I use the Prestige (strung with Intellitour 16) instead of a racket easier it's only your fault!! :-) You're not sot wise but you re still precise with the Prestige MP

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  • Isabelle | 25.02.2014 | 16.07 | Recommented this racquet

    Que du bonheur, mon magasin de sport me l'a prêtée pour que je puisse jouer avec ce week-end et je pense que je vais l'adopter très vite (sauf si je peux la gagner ... !) : maniable et précise, elle me correspond tout à fait et ce qui ne gâche rien, elle est assez légère.

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  • Pierre-Guy | 21.02.2014 | 13.54 | Recommented this racquet

    Excellente raquette, très maniable. La prise en main est rapide. Tous les types de coups sont possibles, varier son jeu grâce à cette raquette est très facile.

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  • SEBASTIEN | 21.02.2014 | 11.25

    Superbe raquette mêlant plaisir et technicité! A adopter!

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  • leslie | 21.02.2014 | 10.44

    la raquette qui em correspond!

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  • Mikael | 20.02.2014 | 19.48

    magnifique prise en main ergonomie et design au top

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  • florian | 20.02.2014 | 17.14

    Bonne maniabilité, précise. En 2 mots: bon matériel

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  • MARIE PIERRE | 20.02.2014 | 13.59 | Recommented this racquet

    Une maniabilité et une précision que j'apprécie énormément

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  • Laurent | 19.02.2014 | 23.08 | Recommented this racquet

    rien a dire facile a manipuler légère , maniable et en plus très esthétique . avec une raquette de se style faut que tous les joueurs français l acquéri pour que l on gagne enfin tous les tournois

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  • Patricia | 19.02.2014 | 21.27

    Légèreté souplesse bonne prise en main c'est une exellente raquette qui permet le controle et la puissance de la balle

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  • Thomas | 19.02.2014 | 16.48 | Recommented this racquet

    Es gibt keinen präziseren Schläger auf dem Markt. Spaß macht er auch noch.

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  • Pantelimon | 19.02.2014 | 14.13 | Recommented this racquet

    I played a few years(even at this moment) with the Head Prestige Mp thanks to Gilles Simon, because he's my favorite player and I felt so good on the court knowing that he is playing with the same model, but to be honest I did not buy the new Graphene, financial reasons. It would be the biggest dream of mine to be the winner of your contest, a unique chance in life to play with Gilles Simon. Head Prestige MP means FEEL-CONTROL-TOUCH, no matter what tehnology it is. I wish all the best!

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  • Jiri | 20.01.2014 | 14.01 | Recommented this racquet

    I play with this racquet and needed more control before I switch from Radical to Prestige...it came:-)

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  • mehmet akif | 14.01.2014 | 08.45 | Recommented this racquet

    If one day that I have to change my racquet.. This will be with this one ;)

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  • Mitchell | 14.01.2014 | 02.55 | Recommented this racquet

    As long as you can supply your own power, the MP will cover the rest. It's simply amazing how much closer I can get to the lines with this compared to previous rackets I've used. It has given me the confidence to play more aggressively, without feeling like it's going to let me down on the defense. There's also more access to spin than I would typically expect from an 18x20 string pattern, thanks in part to the maneuverability offered by the 21mm beam and head light balance. Drops and slices are improved, and the precision on serve allows me to push closer to the corners of the service box than ever before. This racket is fantastic and a great update over the previous version, but again, make sure your strokes are powerful enough so that you will not be hindered, otherwise you may be better off with a Pro or S, or even something from a different Head line.

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  • Gabe | 13.01.2014 | 19.54 | Recommented this racquet

    If you love the Prestige MP IG then you will fall head over heels for the Graphene version! It does everything the predecessor did + more spin contributing to a heavier ball. Once you get the racket moving it has more momentum and translates to the extra power that blows opponents away. Gamechanger!!

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  • Michael | 10.01.2014 | 11.13 | Recommented this racquet

    touch, feeling....this is HEAD Prestige..!

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