• Upgrade your game with the new Graphene Prestige.*

THE NEW HEAD Graphene PRESTIGE. More precision than ever.

„Salut, have a look at my new racquet and test it yourself! It will make your shots more precise and your game sharper than ever. Everybody who writes a review has a chance to meet me on court. Keep on upgrading your game! Yours, Gilles.“


The HEAD YouTek™ Graphene Prestige Rev Pro

The brand new Graphene Prestige highlight model features an extraordinary power level per weight combined with outstanding maneuverability and precision. This ideal combination perfectly suits the aggressive game of younger ambitious rebels.


20 mm
Head size
600 cm2/93 in2
Weight (unstrung)
300g/10.6 oz
Balance (unstrung)
315 mm/1“ HL
String Pattern
16/19 dynamic




  • Paolo | 27.09.2014 | 20.14

    Vorrei provare tanto questa racchetta...e la vorrei acquistare..non è che mi regalate una rev pro??

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  • delphine | 29.04.2014 | 13.00

    legére et maniable!j adore!

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  • herve | 24.04.2014 | 12.53 | Recommented this racquet

    J'ai teste cette raquette pendant un match avec un 15/1 lors d'un tournoi car j'avais cassé les cordages de mes 2 raquettes...elle appartenait à mon adversaire et j'ai gagné..lol...depuis je me dis que je dois l'acheter absolument...mdrrr....quand j'aurai le budget et l'accord de mon épouse..lol...

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  • Fabien | 28.02.2014 | 00.01


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  • Sebastien | 25.02.2014 | 11.55

    j'ai trouvé cette raquette assez efficace, mais j'ai perdu mon match ;-(

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  • Paulemmanuel | 24.02.2014 | 12.44

    Très bonne raquette, bien équilibrée, légère, puissante, précise et maniable.

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  • Antoine | 22.02.2014 | 16.58

    Pour moi: un must dont je ne me lasse pas en tournoi comme à l'entraînement (j'en ai 3)

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  • YANN | 21.02.2014 | 17.09 | Recommented this racquet

    raquette légère, maniable, et rapide idéal pour prendre du plaisir dans une partie , je recommande.

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  • Pauline | 21.02.2014 | 13.02 | Recommented this racquet

    Maniable, précise. Très bon allier pour une partie !!! Je la recommande fortement pour vos prochains match

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  • Jessy | 17.02.2014 | 20.33

    Très bonne raquette! Maniable avec son poids "medium" et ultra precise grace a son petit tamis!!

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  • Noah | 11.02.2014 | 22.15 | Recommented this racquet

    I really want to have this racket because it's sooooo cool! I Need a new one and i think thats the one! Thanks Head!!!!! ;)

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  • アツシ | 08.02.2014 | 16.26 | Recommented this racquet

    レフプロ購入しました。 ネットでもインプレが少なく不安でしたが、購入してよかったです。 いままでのプレステージMIDとははっきり違います。 まず感じたのは打感の柔らかさと爽快感。そして振り抜きの良さ。グラフィンになってフレーム下部とスロート部が細くなり、ボックス形状でない部分もあるため、空気を切り裂くような音がしました。スイートエリアで打つと楽にボールが加速します。軽いので操作性もいいですし、疲れません。スライスの伸びもびっくりしました。激しいラリーはしてないですが、打ち負ける感じも少ないです。 ただ・・・スイートエリアが小さい。ミスには寛容ではないです。芯を外すと極端に飛ばない。だから体力的に楽なラケットではあるが、結果としてはしんどいラケットという表現。 昔のMIDも使っていましたが、ガツンと打った時にラケットが応えてくれる感覚は最高でした。でも正直誰が試合で使えるのかな?ともおもってました。このラケットはまだ使える。上達もする。でもプレステージではない。なぜならハードヒットに応えてくれるあの感覚はない。 ほかのスペックもものは打ってないですが、MPは持ってみてスイングウエートが重そうでしたのでこちらを選びました。(ウイルソン ケイズチョイス2 テンション52)

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  • Herman | 07.02.2014 | 15.53 | Recommented this racquet

    This was my first Head racket I've owned. Tried it out in Nov, at my clubs demo day and fell in love. I left like i could generate a lot of pace on both my forehand and backhand. My serve seems to have a good pop and movement on it. I will say it took me awhile to find a good string configuration i liked .. Had the Racket restrung 3 times in the first week. I had to raise the tension up almost 10lb from what i used to play at ... I went from 47lb to 57lb hybrid strings. Its not a racket for the masses, but if you like to swing fast and hit ... I would take a look at this racket

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  • Jeremie | 14.01.2014 | 10.44

    It needs a tour model that has a 320gr/330gr weight. This model feels like a junior racquet, small headsize (great for control) and... 300gr... This makes it very hard to handle for players that have been playing with the various prestige mids during the last 10-20 years. You will need some lead tape all over the place to make this feel not even remotely close to one of it predecessors. This racquet is more for players playing lighter racquets looking for a bit more control than for players who are looking for the classic smaller head size raqcuets such as the prestige classic, prestige youtek mid, the pro staff 90, etc. All in all I am quite disappointed at this change. Let's see what the future holds...

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  • Raffaele | 13.01.2014 | 21.42 | Recommented this racquet

    Penso sia la racchetta perfetta.....sara' una stagione di fuoco!!!

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  • Stefan | 10.01.2014 | 11.17 | Recommented this racquet

    New, Special and it makes a lot of fun!!

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  • Anke | 10.01.2014 | 11.16 | Recommented this racquet

    Liegt an sich super in der Hand und spielt sich sehr angenehm. Trifft man den Ball nicht gut, dann kann man schon fast mit einem Fehler rechnen.

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