HE’S BACK! HEAD Announces the Return of Sudsy Monchik to the IRT

August 18th, 2006

After two years of retirement from pro racquetball five-time Pro World Champion Sudsy Monchik has answered the call to return to the game. Sudsy has been training hard and has made the commitment to play full time on the IRT for the coming 2006-07 season. At the age of 31 many believe he will have a huge impact on the tour almost immediately. “I am not coming back to just sign autographs and blow kisses. I am coming back to win tournaments and make a real run at getting back to the #1 spot on tour” the confident Monchik bellowed. “When I got the call from Doug Ganim, Promotions Manager at HEAD, about the idea of returning to pro racquetball it was like an aching in my heart was lifted. I can’t tell you how much I have missed the game and the heat of the battle” Monchik went on to explain. At the same time, Monchik is realistic about the current state of his game. “I know my body is not the same as it was when I was 24 and that I have not competed at a high level for a couple years. My plan is to play every match as hard as I can and let the chips fall where they may. However, I am quite confident that when I bring my best it will more than stack up”.

“We are very excited about the direction of the IRT and wanted to do something to further boost the excitement level on tour. By asking Sudsy to return to the game we feel we bring the fans an incredible gift. Nobody has ever hit shots like Sudsy Monchik. When he is in the building and called to the court to play you can feel the electricity in the air. Everybody wants to see him hit those thunder backhand splats and 200 mph drive serves.” HEAD’s Doug Ganim stated.

Monchik will be armed with HEAD’s new MX 170 racquet featuring Metallix and Flexpoint PWR technologies. “I can’t believe how far racquet technology has come in just the last two years. I am hitting the ball harder with this new MX racquet than I ever did during my prime years” Monchik said. Check http://www.irt-tour.com for a complete listing of IRT tournaments and be sure to get a ticket to the greatest show on earth when the tour rolls to a city near you. If you want to see Sudsy play you better get a seat early!