X-Games Silver for Kaya Turski
January 28th, 2013

Remaining composed under pressure is something all athletes are faced with at some point in their carrier. Those who can remain calm and perform at the highest level while under pressure are the ones who do great things in their respective sport. However, add in a few million people watching on TV as well as the lights, cameras, crowd of screaming fans, and the pressure of the biggest snow sports event in Freeskiing and things are a little different than your average day out skiing with friends.

On this day in particular the pressure on Kaya Turski built in such a way that Kaya was not only faced with the media hype of being the first person to potentially 4-peat in Slopestyle (win the same event four times in a row) but a lot more. Having crashed her first two runs, Kaya was left with only one remaining run to make history. Additionally, before her second run, a friend Rose had broke her back and there was a long course hold. Then again, Kaya’s friend Ashley Battersby seriously injured her leg right before Kaya on her third run which lead to another course hold. However, as a testament to Kaya’s poised and calculated ability, having stood in the gate for her third and final run for forty minutes while doctors and medical staff removed Ashley from the last jump were she crashed, Kaya was able to rise above and claim the Silver position for the day.

“Kaya skied the way we all know she can. For us it was amazing to see her respond to her first two runs in a positive manner. So many people would let their mind play games on them after crashing two of three runs. Making it happen in the third and final attempt down the course shows Kaya’s ability and experience.”, said Tyson Bolduc, HEAD Freeskiing Team Manager. “It was amazing to see all the girls ski so well but we send our best out to Ashley and Rose, who were both injured during the event. Also, we would like to give a shout out to HEAD athlete Jamie Crane-Mauzy, who in her first X-Games may not have ended up where she wanted in the results, but she did set an X-Games record. Jamie on the last jump threw a massive double back flip, which according to our sources was the first time a female competitor has thrown a double in competition. Super happy for her, and we will see more of her in the future too.”

Congratulations to Kaya for an amazing performance and we look forward to catching up with her as the season progresses.