Vonn takes the win at home in Beaver Creek
December 7th, 2011

Vonn wins with special feeling in Beaver Creek ‘home’ race

Lindsey Vonn described winning her 46th career win, her 16th in Super G, as the most special of her career.” Of the 46 wins that I have so far, this is probably the most special,” she said after the race. In a race that she has dreamed of since she slipped the course in the 1999 World Championships, Vonn admitted that she had not put in a perfect run but this did not matter to her: this was all about racing and winning at home for the HEAD World Cup rebel. This was her fourth victory in a row to add to the plaudits.

Listening to music in the start area did little to calm the nerves and her normally blistering pace on the top section deserted her. Yet Vonn is a fighter and she proved this again as she recovered from almost missing a blind gate at the top of the course.

“On the start, I was probably the most nervous I’ve ever been. I tried my best to keep it together,” Vonn said. “It wasn’t my best run; I went off-course a couple of times but I just charged at the bottom and was able to make up time. I wanted to win at home so badly. I wanted to win on a men’s course. I wanted to prove to everyone here at home that I could win no matter what, under any circumstances. There are just so many reasons why today is so special. I’m so proud to have won.”

With Anna Fenninger making it two HEAD World Cup Rebels on the podium in third behind Fabienne Suter, this made it another strong result for the HEAD racers. Fenninger just missed second spot by a mere four hundredths yet she was happy with second place: “That was really cool for me,” Fenninger explained after her run. “Perhaps Lindsey had more speed at the bottom but my resume is good, in Super G I am really happy,” explained the Super Combined World Champion.

So while the local school children were given the day off school and were able to witness Vonn winning at home, this was about the result and not so much the style. While many of the racers were full of praise for the course that used much of the Men’s course apart from the steep section in the middle, the day belonged to Vonn.

1. Lindsey Vonn (USA) HEAD
2. Fabienne Suter (SUI)
3. Anna Fenninger (AUT) HEAD
10. Lizzi Goergl (AUT) HEAD
21. Maria Hoefl-Riesch (GER) HEAD
24. Margret Altacher (AUT) HEAD
26. Kasja Kling (SWE) HEAD