Svindal takes second in Beaver Creek Super G
December 1st, 2012

Svindal keeps podium rush going with second in Beaver Creek Super G

Aksel Lund Svindal scored his second runners up spot in two races in Beaver Creek as Matteo Marsaglia took the win, Hannes Reichelt placed third. For Svindal this was his tenth podium in Beaver Creek yet maybe none had been won on such a hard and unforgiving course. Fortune favours the brave and this was a case that the man that made the fewest mistakes won.

Svindal is the man in form on the speed events and coming into the race he had two wins and a second from the North American races. After his run he commented: “I am happy with how my race went and with my second place, I was doing really well until a big mistake at the bottom cost me the victory. Today it was me, Jansrud and Innerhofer that could have challenged Marsaglia, we were all fast until we did mistakes and Marsaglia didn’t – that’s how you win races!”

At first it looked like Kjetil Jansrud would take the lead from his start number of 18. The Norwegian posted faster and faster splits times until he made one costly error coming into the final turns after the Red Tail jump and scrubbed a lot of speed off. Off the jump he was caught on his tails and just managed to make the final turn. Jansrud wound up in sixth overall, less than a second from the win.

Ligety felt that he had used the right tactics for such a race as he scored his second fourth place of the season in Super G: "I went for it really hard in the places I could and tried to ski smart in the places you had to be smart. I think Marsaglia took more risk than the rest of us and it paid off because he didn’t make mistakes."

This was still an exceptional day for the HEAD World Cup Rebels as they packed the top eight finishers with five racers! Svindal was joined by Ted Ligety in fourth; Jansrud in 6th; Mayer 7th and Gauthier de Tessieres 8th (from a start number of 34). Guillermo Fayed put in a stormer of a run from a start number of 61 to place 15th behind Johan Clarey and Georg Streitberger as ten HEAD racers in all made the top thirty.

1. Matteo Marsaglia (ITA)
2. Aksel Lund Svindal (NOR) HEAD
3. Hannes Reichelt (AUT)
4. Ted Ligety (USA) HEAD
6. Kjetil Jansrud (NOR) HEAD
7. Matthias Meyer (AUT) HEAD
8. Gauthier de Tessieres (FRA) HEAD
13. Johan Clarey (FRA) HEAD
14. Georg Streitberger (AUT) HEAD
15. Guillermo Fayed (FRA) HEAD
22. Douglas Hedin (SWE) HEAD
30. Jared Goldberg (USA) HEAD