Once again, HEAD's latest What's your limit? spot knows no limits.
December 2nd, 2013

HEAD Skis 2013 / 14

Once again, HEAD's latest What's your limit? spot knows no limits.

From the podium to the peak. Two of the brightest stars of downhill skiing reunite.

Hermann Maier and Marco Büchel still ride HEAD. But now instead of racing each other, they ride together. And in the latest What's your limit? spot, we accompany these two gung-ho downhillers while they enjoy the ups and downs of their new passion: ski touring.

"When you love the uphill as much as the downhill." Who would have thought that Büxi and the Herminator could cope with the pace of ski touring? Still fit as fiddles, the Lichtensteiner and the Austrian scale mountain after mountain while enjoying the double fun of skiing both up and down hill. "Now we have two finish lines – one at the bottom and one at the top. And all the time in the world!" These two exceptional athletes are still pushing their limits, and still going beyond them.

Only their skis can keep up. And because success forges such a strong bond between racer and material, their skis are still HEAD. The only difference is that now they're also skiing up the mountain.

HEAD has created a touring ski with no compromise in downhill performance, so throughout their tours Marco and Hermann can focus completely on their need for speed. And as you'll see in the spot, they aim to be speedy even on the way up. Because when it comes to skiing, they still can't get enough. Just like HEAD.