Latest/Best Career ResultsMy main focus skiing in the past 5 years is filming but starting out I really enjoyed the big mountain comps with a handfull of podium finishes.
DisciplinesAnything in the Backcountry
Skiing since... I was three.
Preferred skisHammered 115
Preferred ski bootsOverkill
Favourite trickCork 7
Favourite ski resortWhistler, BC
Favourite holidy resortRed Mountain, BC
Favourite musicI could pretty much listen to everything but am trending to melow music these days...
Favourite sportsBesides skiing, I’m loving mountain biking right now but I like hiking, fishing, surfing. With more time I would love to try every sport out there...
Other hobbiesFixing my toys because something is always broken...
Favourite foodAnything I can put on the BBQ
Favourite drinkBeer after a great day on the hill...
Favourite websiteGoogle
Personal goalTo push myself in all aspects in life and experience as many new things as possible.
Skiing goalTo continue to explore new mountains and challenge my skills on new terrain.
Best day in my lifeEveryday
Personal dreamTo spend more and more time in the outdoors pushing myself...
What's hot?Tons of Snow
What's not?Rainy Summers
Film appearancesYoutube:


2011 Matchstick Production "Attack of La Nina"
2011 Rocky Mountain Sherpas "All I Can"
2010 Matchstick Productions "The Way I see It"
2009 Matchstick Productions “In Deep”
2008 Matchstick Productions “Claim”
2007 Matchstick Productions “Seven Sunny Days”
2007 Theory-3 Media “PNW”
2006 Theory-3 Media “Photoplay”
2006 Wink Inc “Respect”
2005 Theory-3 Media “Safety Meeting”
2004 Theory-3 Media "Breathe and Stop"