Aaron Blunck

  • NAT: US
  • RESIDENCE: Crested Butte, CO
  • BIRTHDAY: December 4th, 1996
  • HEIGHT: 5’10”
Skiing sinceI was 18 months old
DisciplinesHalfpipe and Slope Style
Favorite Trickswitch rodeo 540
Favorite Ski ResortCrested Butte Mountain Resort
Favorite MusicRap, Reggae, Hip Hop
Favorite SportsHockey, Skiing, Biking, Baseball, Soccer
Other HobbiesGoing to the gym and getting huge
Favorite FoodSushi
Favorite DrinkCoffee
Favorite WebsiteFacebook
If you could be a cartoon character, which one would you be?Bat Man Personal Goal: Be the most humble and best person I can possible be.
Skiing GoalBe the best skier in the world and become a face of freeskiing.
How would you describe yourself in three words?Yolo, hyper, stoked
Best day in lifeBest day of my life so far was getting my x games invite.
Do you sing in the shower?Only when I am in the mood to hit some notes
Life Long DreamMake the Olympics and win a gold medal at the x games. Also I have always wanted to see a polar bear in the wild.
If you had a time machine, what year and place would you go to?I would go back to Austria for the 2012 Youth Olympic Games.
What’s hot these days?The ladies
What’s hot and shouldn’t be?Losing your ski bag.
  • 20123rd in TFN park and pipe open series Halfpipe
  • 20122nd in Copper Grand Prix Halfpipe
  • 20123rd in Youth Olympic Games Halfpipe
  • 20124th in TNF Park and pipe open series Slope Style
  • 20124th in Aspen Open Halfpipe
  • 20112nd in USASA Halfpipe Nationals
  • 20113rd in USSA halfpipe Nationals
  • 20117th in Aspen Open Halfpipe
  • 20102nd in USASA Nationals Halfpipe 13-15 age group