Latest/Best Career Results2011: 2nd Budapest fridge Big air, 3rd London Freeze Big air, 6th X-games slope style / 2010: Injured
Film AppearancesField Productions - Magic Moves (2007) Get Lucky (2008) Eyes Wide Open (2009) Side by Side (2010) Being There (2011) / Matchstick productions - Claim (2009)
Favorite TrickSw 7 Japan
Favorite Ski ResortHafjell, Norway
Favorite MusicRap
Favorite SportsGolf, Soccer and American Football
Other HobbiesGolf
Favorite FoodSushi
Favorite DrinkRed Bull
Favorite WebsiteYoutube
If you could be a cartoon character, which one would you be?Peter Griffin (Family Guy)
Personal GoalHave a long and successful ski career and then turn a pro golfer
Skiing GoalWin the Olympics
How would you describe yourself in three words?Determined, Happy, and Humble
Best day in lifeWake up on a warm summer day, go up to the glacier and ski for a few hours. Go back down to the beach, have a BBQ, play volleyball and Soccer while the girls a cheering and then take the girls to a good party!
Do you sing in the shower?Yes.
Life Long DreamBe a pro golfer after I can´t ski anymore!
If you had a time machine, what year and place would you go to?I would go 500 years in the future and see what this world had come to!
What’s hot these days?iphone 5
What’s hot and shouldn’t be?Any other phone than iPhone 5