Mikkel Joraandstad

  • NAT: NO
  • BIRTHDAY: March 16th, 1993
  • HEIGHT: 176 cm
Skiing since... I was twelve or something like that.
DisciplinesSlopestyle and Big Air
Preferred skiThe caddy
Preferred ski bootThe Caddy
Preferred bindingAttack 16!
Preferred clothingOakley all the way!
Film AppearancesNone big yet, but soon! - http://vimeo.com/dedicatedpics
Favorite TrickSwitch 540
Favorite Ski ResortBreckenridge
Favorite MusicRock & Roll
Favorite SportsSkiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding. Everything that has an edge too it.
Other HobbiesDrawing
Favorite FoodWhat ever my mom makes for dinner!
Favorite Drinkcoffe & tea
Favorite Websitewww.rainymood.com
If you could be a cartoon character, which one would you be?Bugs bunny is pretty awesome! I would be him. She's a culinary genius!
Personal GoalDo a lot of different stuff in my lifetime.
Skiing GoalX-games and film with a big ski film production.
How would you describe yourself in three words?Weird, outgoing and relaxed
Best day in lifeWhen we got our dog, Rock, and every bluebird day!
Do you sing in the shower?Of course I do. Who doesn't?
Life Long DreamTo see an alien or a UFO!
If you had a time machine, what year and place would you go to?Back to the 60s and go to a Beatles concert!!
What’s hot these days?Matching toe rings. (Personal Opinion)
What’s hot and shouldn’t be?Techno music.