PowerRail System

The performance binding that meets the demands of ambitioned skiers.

Welcome to the fast lane in binding technology evolution: PowerRail – successor of Railflex System II.

- Easy Mounting & Adjusting
- Modular System
- Ideal for Retail, Demo and Rental
- Maximum flexibility

  • No drilling or screwing, just sliding.

    [1] Open toe lever and adjust.
    [2] Do the same with the heel.
    [3] Close the toe and heel lever. Done.

  • Modular System

    The PowerRail System was built modularly to match any rider’s needs. Covering all segments with choices of Standard or Pro bases and dampeners in different widths for perfect ski fitting. PowerRail suits sole lengths between 260 and 380 mm.

  • Natural Flex

    To ensure unhindered natural flex the PowerRail base is mounted with one pair of fixed screws and three pairs of free gliding screws. This way the base smoothly adapts to the flex of the ski.

  • Double The Flex

    The PowerRail Pro base is equipped with an additional freeflex band, linking the toothed areas at the toe and heel side of the base, allowing toe and heel pieces to glide unhindered. The double freeflex function ensures even more freedom, safety, and performance.

    Long-Term Performance

    Each toe and heel guide can be exchanged or fitted separately, ensuring full functionality even after massive rental use.

    Better Power Transmission

    PowerRail bases are 7% wider and 25% lower than Railflex II bases, directly improving power transmission from boot to edge.