Freeflex Pro


    Our Freeflex Pro System focusses on a new level of performance: Due to reduced stand height the gliding band is much closer to the ski boot and our free-gliding heel allows the ski to flex unimpeded.

    This ensures consistent release values, reduced risk of injury and even more power and precision steering your skis.


    The reduced stand height corresponds to the FIS regulations. This gave us the opportunity to redesign the heel track, making it 1mm higher and 8mm wider for even more stability and direct power transmission.

    Moreover, increased size of the gliding inserts reduces friction and provides even smoother and more consistent release performance in all skiing situations and conditions.


    Full Diagonal Toes feature 180° release action from horizontally to vertically.
    Maximum safety in backward twisting-fall situations.

    Race Diagonal Toes are tuned for racing purposes. Due to higher release force vertically than horizontally, it holds up to the high backward lean forces occuring in racing.

    Optimal performance in all skiing situations and conditions.


    The Light Diagonal Heel has been redesigned for even better performance.
    150° release action provides even more safety. Whether in backwards or forwards twisting falls, the load on knees and ligaments is lowered and the risk of injury is reduced.

    CONVENIENCE & PERFORMANCE: Convenience Cleverly designed Diagonal release cam for easy step in. Performance perfectly balanced heel retention in all directions enables high levels of power transmission without unwanted releasing.


    SAFETY: Release without any friction significantly reduces strain on ligaments in
    forward twisting falls. Perfect release regardless of temperature, boot-wear, icingup, or dirt on the binding.

    CONVENIENCE: Self-cleaning design and maintenance-free.

    PERFORMANCE: Best results in independent safety testing and awarded with the TÜV high quality mark.


    SAFETY: The HEAD 4-Roller Pincer System remains flexible at all times, absorbing short impact peaks on ligaments and automatically recentering the boot. Perfect 180° release action allows up to 30 % higher retention force without compromising on safety.

    CONVENIENCE: Easy entry and perfect centering of the boot, no snow- or dirtclogging.

    PERFORMANCE: Positive power transmission, perfect power link between boot and binding (30 % better centering accuracy than conventional cams).