SuperLiteRail Tech

Improving your daily on-snow experience!
If we take a look at any randomly-picked ski resort, we will find advanced and expert skiers as well as beginners. However, the
majority of the skiing population is somewhere in between. These people are out on the slopes trying to have fun, catching sunrays,
and enjoying their turns on the snow. Now, even if they don’t belong in the expert skier group, they do aspire to improve their skills.
Ideally, they would like to optimize their position or stance on skis, to have maximum control at every turn and to have even more fun.

To satisfy all these demands, we are presenting the newly designed SuperLiteRail System – SLR!

The SLR (SuperLiteRail) System is available in only one size, and it covers sole lengths ranging from 255 – 338 mm and is perfect for retail, rental and demo uses. The System is based on a new construction using highly valuable materials. The new formula yields an improved weight distribution, a lightweight design (15 % lighter than the TYROLIA PowerRail System) and it guarantees durability.
Glass-fiber reinforced material offers the possibility to heighten shape and structure. Most importantly, having said all of this, how does it influence the skiing performance, one might ask?
This new product provides a new weight distribution, which pushes the weight closer to the edge of the ski. This improves the edge pressure, therefore providing more agility and easier carving.
Furthermore, it supports the skier in order to “get” into a positive stance. A ramp angle of 5 mm and the wide seating of the base will simultaneously provide effortless skiing over a long period of time and perfect control, without limitation. This means the skier can make a great impression not only on the hill, but also at Après-Ski …

SLR Base

The TYROLIA SuperLiteRail Base has a wide contact interface on the ski – 30 % wider than the TYROLIA LiteRail. In combination with the integrated Freeflex-Function the SLR Base provides a better force transmission without affecting the natural ski flex. During the turn, this SuperLiteRail Base guarantees constant force distribution which leads to flawless control, thus enhancing every skier’s on hill experience. The remarkable benefits include a highly efficient and agile skiing performance.