EDGE Technology

The HEAD EDGE remains the most versatile, adaptive boot on the market. With Adaptive Fit Technology, a tri-injection frame, Easy Entry shell design and Spine-Tech Double Power buckles, the EDGE is on the cutting edge of performance and comfort.

  • AFT

    Adaptive Fit Technology is the first and only ski boot technology that lets you change the width of your boot from a 104 mm comfort/ performance last to a 102 mm precision/performance last with the turn of a screw.


    The shell of the EDGE is made up of three different material densities. A softer insert optimises entry and foot wrap. A high-density overall structure reinforces foot wrap and adds precision to comfort. The ultra-stiff frame optimizes energy transmission.


    Spine-Tech buckles provide constant traction and avoid pressure points, improving both comfort and precision. The ergonomic, patented Double Power lever increases the leverage of the buckle by 100%, halving the effort required to buckle in. constant release values.