Boot Features

The most important factor in a ski boot is fit. And since every foot is different, fit has a lot to do with customization.


    The last of a ski boot, or the internal shape of the boot, is one of the most important fit-factors. HEAD boots, shell and liner, are built around different lasts, each tuned to match the requirements of a certain type of skier.

    The perfect fit in a boot is a combination of 4 important factors.

    The combination of these 4 factors determines the “VOLUME (CC) DIMENSION”, which represents the internal shape of each HEAD boot.

    HEAD offer 6 different lasts:

    -RD 1500CC
    The epitome of a real racing last, developed alongside our World Cup Rebels. The RD last is designed to create a perfect anatomical wrap around the foot, and optimal foot retention.

    -RS 1800CC
    Our expert last, used both by racers and pro’s. This last blends the perfect combination of race performance and comfort for all day charging………Every day.

    FR 1900
    This is the freeride last, the right combination for skiing and touring.If you are an expert Freerider but don’t want to wear a race boot and still want to experience the next level, then this last was built for you.

    -S 2000CC
    Comfortable fit combined with high-precision geometry in the ankle and heel region. Focused on high performance without sacrificing comfort.

    -C 2100CC
    The benchmark in both ease of entry and riding precision, the most widely appreciated HEAD last around the world.

    -WP 1950CC
    Women Performance Last – this 100% women’s last was developed together with the HEAD International Women’s Team, fully focused on the morphological differences between men and women.

    -EC 2200CC
    Extremely comfortable last developed to deliver perfect all-terrain performance and all-day comfort: in-store, on-slope and après-ski.


    The combination of style, ability, weight, and power of a skier define what kind of boot is going to be best for him or her. HEAD boots use a variety of materials and design features to make sure every skier finds his or her match. For orientation the most important feel good-factors are summarized in our boots’ Flex Index.

    The HEAD Flex Index is a function of two vectors:

    is a given force applied to the boot.
    is the forward flex motion obtained from the application of the force.

    Every boot has a specific Flex Index, spanning from 150 (Raptor B2 = very stiff) to 50 (junior boot = rather soft). The softer a boot, the more forward flex movement is obtained by applying a certain force, and the lower the flex index is.

    Our R&D Dept is focused on finding new solutions to improve comfort and performance of our boots. This focus allowed HEAD to be recognized as the most innovative ski boot brand on the market, through a broad numbers of patents.

    Double Power Velcro
    For a particularly snug fit, many HEAD boots boast the Double Power Velcro - a wide Velcro strap system with a double-pulley-action which gives 100% more closing power, by reducing of 50% the effort. The length of the Double Power Velcro can be customized to "wide" or "narrow" by choosing between the internal or external ring.

  • Double Power Buckle
    This buckle can be easily closed with just one finger. The Double Power buckle reduces the effort needed to close the buckle by 50% the while increasing the leverage over the buckle by 100%.

    HP Custom Breating Concept
    Thanks to a perspiration-wicking fabric, HEAD proudly introduces breathability to an EVA liner.

    SoftWalk + Grip System
    It’s a double insert conceived to make walking in Skiboots more comfortable. The softwalk insert works as a soft “dampener” while the Grip System offers improved traction.

    AdaptiveFit Technology
    The only technology on the market that that gives the opportunity to select 2 different lasts 104 or 102 (see AFT Tech page).

    A mechanism that automatically locks the cuff of the boot in a skiing position as soon you step into the binding. Stepping out, the cuff becomes moveable, thus walkable (see i-Type page)

    FWS - FlexWalkingSystem
    The i-Type shell is flexible once out of the binding, for easier mobility. While in the binding, the shell is locked, and performance is the focus.

    Our liners are developed to perfectly fit the anatomy of each individual’s foot shape, and to provide the skier with the maximum comfort. Once we’ve indentified the internal shape of the boot, we evaluate how to combine and position materials, components and padding. We identify 4 macro families of liners.

    PRO Liner
    With a thin but supportive layer of thermo-moldable lining and Custom ankle inserts (cork in the Racing PRO and Performance PRO liner, HeatFit in the HF PRO liner) span from extreme high-performance to a comfort/performance blend. An adjustable tongue and optional laces (included) on the Racing PRO Liner provide for incredible wrap. The Custom Foam Liner also available.

    SuperHeat (3 and 4)
    Top performance liner featuring adaptive lining in ankle, heel, tongue, and insole areas. Multi-component construction maintains its performance characteristics over an exceptionally long life-span.

    HeatFit High Performance/ HeatFit
    State-of-the-art technical multi-component liner with self-molding inserts in liner and tongue in the High Performance version. Legendary fit and comfort.

    Perfect Fit
    Perfect Fit is the revolutionary customization system that provides the best level of precision, comfort and durability. The Perfect Fit material allows the liner to adapt to your feet, ensuring maximum power transmission.